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One of the most important problems, facing higher educational institutions is revealing, encouragement and support of talented students with the purpose of preservation of mental potential of the country. The majority of experts, teachers, scientists and researchers finds the decision of this sharp social and pedagogical problem in creation of favorable conditions for preparation of future teachers, scientists and high- qualified specialists and in strengthening and in further development of scientific and research works of students.

In the concept of the University development there is an intensification of scientific and research activity of students, integration of education, science and production. That's why a commission of Scientific and Technical Council on organization of scientific work of students is created. Also, regulations on scientific and research work of students were developed. There is a system of encouragement of those students, deserving awards at competitions.

On the 1st of March 2002 the order of the rector № 4/62 a Department on organization of scientific and research work of students was opened. The main purpose of the Department was development of students' research works and creation of favorable conditions, promoting effective educational process and professionalism of students.

At the University there are traditional forms of students' participation in scientific and research work (participation in performance of scientific and research works in different subjects, participation in scientific conferences, competitions and Olympiads; performance of scientific researches within the limits of course and degree designing and by passing of professional practice; participation in work of students' scientific clubs, debating clubs and « the round tables»). There are also absolutely new directions: participation of students' projects in competitions and grants, students' scientific and technological groups, awarding students with patents and copyright certificates.

There is a Students' Scientific Council at the University. The main purposes of the Council are: assistance to students in increase of the level of scientific training and quality of education; assistance to students in independent scientific search and organizational provision of their scientific work; organization and coordination of students' work in priority directions of scientific researches of the University; involving of students into innovative activity, development of skills to lead up scientific and research work to the level of its realization and others.

Department of scientific and research works of BSTU
Department of organization of scientific and research works of students

Russia, 308012, Belgorod, Kostyukov str., 46
Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G.Shoukhov.
Department of organization of scientific and research works of students (room 402)
Tel.: 7 (4722) 309901 e-mail: oonirs@intbel.ru
Chief of the department — Fomenco Julia Vladimirovna.

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