Usage rules

Federal agency on Education
Belgorod State Technological University named after V. G. Shukhov
Belgorod, Russia

Scientific and technical librari usage rules
General provision

Scientific and technical library usage rules at BSTU named after V. G. Shoukhov are developed in accordance with the provisions concerning the library and are based on standard university library usage rules, approved by Russian Ministry of Education in 2000.

The usage rules regulate the general order for users’ service, rights and duties for the library and its users.

Users, their rights and responsibilities

Students of all forms of tuition, post-graduates, doctorate researchers, professors and members of the academic staff, research specialists, university employees have the right for the following basic library services:

  • Get complete information concerning the library funds through the card and catalogue system as well as through other forms of information provided by the library;
  • Be provided with consultancy services in search and selecting the right edition or other documents ;
  • Extend the loan-term in compliance with the existing order;
  • To borrow from the library any editions, unpublished documents or their copies for temporary use in the Reading Room or outside the university;
  • Request literature through Interlibrary loan system.

Additional services are provided on payment basis. The list of additional paid services and the fees, approved by the rector may be requested from the library administration and librarians at every library lending point.

Mutual service to students, master’s and doctoral students, teachers, employees, registered at other universities in Belgorod oblast is provided in the Reading Rooms on presenting their student’s card, credit book or an identity card.

The other readers, who are not BSTU students or university staff have the right to use Reading Rooms on the payment basis.

The readers should carefully use books, printed materials and other items, borrowed from the library collection; return them in due time; neither remove them from the library premises without registering them in a personal user’s card or other records; nor put down any notes, underline text; remove or bend pages; change the sequence of books displayed on open shelves; remove cards from catalogues or file cabinets.

When borrowing a book or other printed sources, the readers should carefully examine them and in case of any defects to inform the librarian on duty, otherwise the reader, who last used the printed item is responsible for the damage.

From January 1 to March 31 each year, the readers are obliged to pass annual registration, submitting all borrowed items. The readers, who have not pass annual registration lose the right for library service.

At the end of the academic year the students should return all borrowed textbooks. Books are not lent during summer vacation period.

Note. Instructions for industrial practice are lent to students who have no overdue books in the textbook lending section.

In case a reader leaves the university, he should return all material overdue.

The readers should follow the Library Usage Rules. Those who infringed the rules, or who brought material or moral damage to the library, carry responsibility in cases, stipulated in current legislation and library administration.

Borrowers, responsible for the loss or unintentional damage to literature, are obliged to replace them by the equivalent editions or copies, which the library considers adequate, if the replacement is not possible, the borrower is obliged to pay a replacement value equal to real market value of the edition.

Right and obligation of the library

When performing its activities the library ensures the readers’ rights, stipulated in items 2.1., 2.2., 2.3., 2.4 herein. The library provides services for the users in compliance with the Provisions on the University Library and Usage Rules.

The Library is obliged to:

  • Inform the readers about all kinds of the services rendered;
  • To ensure the opportunity of usage the library collection by the readers;
  • Promote library collection and services;
  • Improve lending and information services to the users by introducing computer and advanced technology;
  • Request documents from other libraries through the Interlibrary Loan system in case the required book cannot be found in the library collection;
  • Ensure high service culture;
  • Provide assistance to the users when choosing required editions or printed material;
  • Conduct classes on the bases of information and bibliographic culture, give oral consultancy, providing the reader with the catalogues, file cabinets and other forms of information by arranging book exhibitions, bibliographic overviews, information days, department days and other events;
  • Keep constant control over timely return of books, printed editions and other items on loan;
  • Create and maintain comfortable conditions for the readers’ work;
  • To report to the readers in compliance with the established rules and the Provisions.


The readers are registered by the library on presentation their passports and depending on the category — identity cards, student’s cards or a card of preparatory department attendee. This is the ground for compiling a registration form. Preparatory department attendees present their passport and are registered in the Textbook Section. Entrants are registered only in the Reading Rooms, on presenting their passport. Before registration in the library the readers should get familiarized with the Usage Rules and support the obligation to follow them by signing in the personal user’s card.

Rules and reading room usage

The readers present the following documents to the librarian on duty:

  1. An identity card for professors, academic staff, employees, doctorate students ;
  2. Student’s card or credit book for students;
  3. Card of a Preparatory course attendee for Preparatory courses attendees ;
  4. Passport for entrants.
  5. Students, post graduates, doctorate students, lecturers and employees from other universities of Belgorod oblast, listed in the Resolution of the Rectors Counsil of June 4, 2002, present their Student’s cards, credit books or identity cards.

The other user categories not in connection with the university present their passports.

The document presented is replaced by a control number given to a user by the librarian.

Number of items loaned in the reading room is not limited. In case of urgent simultaneous demand for the same item, their number may be restricted upon decision of Reading Room librarians.

Literature, given to the reading halls form the main book-depository can be reserved for a certain period.

Encyclopedia, references, rare and valuable books, electronic editions, as well as items received through interlibrary loan system, are for use only in the reading rooms.

Overcoats, bags, folders, personal and borrowed books, book fragments and other printed materials are not allowed in the Reading Room.

The literature should not be removed from the room. Anyone violating this rule loses the right for library usage for the period, stated by library administration.

Rules for individual loan sections

fill in the application; sign in the registration form and the users’ card for each item.Personal registration form and the users’ card inside each book are documents justifying the fact of loan and return of book and other printed materials.

Readers having overdue books are not served by the library.

Loan period

All categories of registered users can borrow no more than 5 copies of scientific literature for a month’s period.

Textbooks can be borrowed for a semester or an academic year in the amount stipulated by the curriculum and academic programs.

No more than 3 items of fiction and fiction magazines can be borrowed for 15 days.Rare and valuable editions, the last and the only printed item, kept in the reserve funds cannot be borrowed. Literature in high demand is lent for the period, established by the library.

Note. In case of loan of rare and valuable editions the user must pay a deposit to the Library, the amount to be determined by the library administration.The users can extend the loan period for books and other materials following the established order if the items are not requested by other applicants.

The limited access to specific funds is regulated by the legislation on preserving cultural heritage of RF nations

Concerning universal user card in university libraries of Belgorod Oblast:

Resolution of the Rectors Council of Belgorod oblast of June 4, 2002.

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