Institute of Economics and Management

Director of the Institute
Doroshenko Yuri Anatolyevich,
Professor, Doctor of Economics
Phone: 55-22-91, ext. 17-38

Training of economists at the university  has been carried out since 1972. It was at that time when the Department of Economics and Organization of Industry and Construction was organized. And in 1993, on its basis, the Engineering and Economics Faculty was created, which was transformed in 2004 into the Institute of Economics and Management (IEM)

In the structure of the Institute includes ten departments, seven of them training graduates: economics and production organization, management and foreign economic activity, financial management, accounting and audit, marketing, strategic management, sociology and management, as well as the department of higher mathematics, theory and methodology of science and Department of Foreign Languages.

Currently, the institute is training over 1,300 students, 97% are studying on a self-payment basis, in  undergraduate and graduate programs.

The Institute has more than 190 lecturers, including 32 professors, doctors of sciences, 95 associate professors, candidates of sciences. It is essential that many of them are former graduates, which ensures the continuity in the organization of the educational process and scientific research. The basic education of lecturers and their scientific research correspond to the subjects they teach.

On the basis of the Institute there is a department for  supplementary education program "Translator in the field of professional communication". The scientific and methodical seminar is held on a regular basis, at which doctoral students, graduate and undergraduate students take part and  discuss the current problems of economic development, the results of the implementation of research and development. So the students of the institute are always aware of the most urgent issues of the modern economics.

The potential accumulated by the Institute made it possible to create, on the basis of the IEM in November 2010, a research and educational center (REC) "Innovative Development of Economic Systems" with the purpose to: integrate research and educational activities with the aim of improving the quality of training specialists; focus on the commercialization of research and development results, their orientation to the needs of the real sector of the economy; attracting students, graduate students and young specialists to research activity.

List of departments


Research activities

Contact details:

  • Address: 308012, Belgorod,  46 Kostyukov str, educational building, office. 301
  • Phone 55-22-91,54-97-09; Fax 55-22-91 


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