V.G. Shukhov Belgorod State Technological University provides accommodation for everyone who is not considered a resident of Belgorod.

Student residential complex of V.G. Shukhov BSTU includes four dormitories located in the campus and one located in the city center. More than 3,000 students live in five dormitories of total area 14,454 m2. Undergraduate students live in rooms for 2–4 people, postgraduate students — room for 1–2 people.

All conditions for life, study and recreation are created. There are facilities for studying, healthcare, sports classes, and entertainment. There are a library and internet facilities, as well as clothes and shoes repair shop, laundry, sports equipment rental.  

Every dormitory of V.G. Shukhov BSTU has a canteen or a cafe, a grocery store. Moreover, there are confectionery and bakery, 2 swimming pools, shooting gallery, sports grounds for various sports within walking distance in the campus. 

Parking facilities for bicycles and cars are provided on the territory of the dormitories. Dormitory No. 5 is equipped with a ramp for students with disabilities.

Students, who live in dormitories, elect members of the body of student self-administration, namely, the student council of dormitories or just Student Council. This council represents students’ interests and creates conditions for the self-actualization of the students’ potential, development of intellectual and creative abilities of youth. Furthermore, it maintains an exemplary way of student life and public order in dormitories.

The Council for Activities in dormitories, the Student Council, Deputy directors of institutes for activities in dormitories, Heads of sections and Administration of SRC "Technolog" perform educational work in dormitories as an integral part of the educational activities of the University. Cultural and educational work in dormitories is conducted in accordance with the plans of The Council for Activities in dormitories and the Student Council.

The Council for Activities in dormitories holds monthly meetings to organize educational activities. The main issues on the agenda of the Council meetings are preventive activities to ensure security, counterterrorism policy, drug abuse, corruption, smoking, and other antisocial behavior, as well as issues of cultural and educational work with students residing in dormitories.

The Council for Activities in dormitories and the Student Council have conducted a great amount of cultural and educational work. In the 2015–2016 academic year, more than 50 cultural and educational events took place in the dormitories of the university, such as musical events, lectures, competitions, sports competitions. There were meetings with interesting people, World War II veterans, and combatants, representatives of the specialized services: migration service, police, Federal Drug Control Service, health care, church.  Since 2015 the project "Weekend Tour", initiated by Student Council, has been offering guided trips to the interesting and remarkable places of Belgorod  to dormitory residents.

Student dormitories of V.G. Shukhov BSTU many times have become winners of national competitions. In March 2016 dormitory No. 5 took the 3rd place in the category "Best student dormitory of sectional type" in the national competition for the Best student dormitory.

Providing accommodation to the students of V.G. Shukhov BSTU

In accordance with the Regulation for the admission to V.G. Shukhov BSTU, non-resident students enrolled in the university for full-time education, funded by budgetary appropriations of the federal budget of the Russian Federation (hereinafter — publicly funded students), and applied for the full educational fees compensation  are provided with accommodation  in the dormitories of V.G. Shukhov BSTU. Non-resident students enrolled for off-campus education are provided with accommodation for the exams period.

The Head of the Student Residential Complex - Oleg. I. Verveyko

Addresses of the dormitories

Dormitory No.1: 44 Kostyukova St., Belgorod
Dormitory No.2: 42 Kostyukova St., Belgorod
Dormitory No.3: 7 Nekrasova St., Belgorod
Dormitory No.4: 38 Kostyukova St., Belgorod
Dormitory No.5: 46 Kostyukova St., Belgorod

Number of living quarters

in dormitories for non-resident students


Number of the dormitory

Number of living quarters


No. 1



No. 2



No. 3



No. 4



No. 5



Non-resident students enrolled in the branches of V.G. Shukhov BSTU for the full-time education are provided with accommodation in accordance with local regulations of the relevant branches of the university.

For accommodation in the dormitory, you must bring the following documents to the student health center (dormitory No.1, open hours from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.):

  • a photocopy of the passport;
  • a photocopy of the vaccination certificate;
  • a photocopy of the medical insurance certificate;
  • statement of Chest fluorography ( issued less than 1 year ago);
  • If you have any questions, ask for information in the Institute you applied in.

Schedule For Accommodation In The New Academic Year

Accommodation for the new academic year will be provided according to the approved schedule. In the first-day new students move-in, in the second — continuing students, MA, and Postgraduate students. In case you can’t arrive in the stated dates for reasonable excuse — please notify in advance the administration of Student Residential Complex via e-mail:, or via  phone: 30–99–52. You also can call the heads of the dormitories (see the telephone directory on the university website).

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