BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov conducts lectures for students of RAS schools

Passion for science arises not only during his student years, but also during school years. In addition, some schools in the Belgorod Region are the base schools of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Acquaintance with science in these schools occurs, of course, much earlier thanks to the lectures given by the staff of the academy.

The Russian Academy of Sciences is actively involved in the development, maintenance and implementation of programs for the popularization and propaganda of science, scientific knowledge, achievements of science and technology, programs to support scientific and technical creativity among children and youth. Accordingly, popular science events are often held in the basic schools of the Russian Academy of Sciences: lectures and seminars. In the Belgorod region, three schools have the status of a basic school of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Municipal budgetary educational institution "Lyceum No. 9".

Municipal autonomous atypical educational institution "Shukhov Lyceum" in Belgorod. Municipal budgetary educational institution "Secondary school № 20 with in-depth study of individual subjects", Stary Oskol. It was in these three schools that Valeria Valerievna Stroka gave a lecture. V. V. Strokova - Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Advisor to the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, Director of the Innovative Scientific, Educational and Experimental-Industrial Center of Nanostructured Composite Materials, Head of the Department of Materials Science and Technology of Materials, Belgorod State Technological University named after V.I. V.G. Shukhov. Valeria Valerievna on November 10, 11 and 12, 2020 gave a lecture “Nature-like technologies in building materials science and construction”. The presented scientific material was aimed at acquainting students with the world of science and the realized scientific achievements in the field of nature-like technologies in construction.

Schoolchildren learned a lot about modern building materials that combine efficiency and environmental friendliness, as well as new technologies to reduce environmental pressure on the ecosphere. The information received aroused a keen interest among the students, and after many questions they thanked Valeria Valerievna for such a fascinating material. This format of classes makes it possible to establish effective communication between schools and the flagship university of the Belgorod Region. This is necessary to ensure the training of highly qualified specialists in various fields.

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