Students of BSTU - winners of the online hackathon VKontakte

The first online hackathon in Chernozemye under the VKontakte license was held by the IT cluster of the Belgorod region. Hackathon is a large-scale competition for programmers, designers and other specialists in the field of development. Teams from 6 regions of Russia took part in the competition: Belgorod, Voronezh, Yaroslavl, Kirov, Moscow and Oryol regions. Initially, 42 teams applied, but only 33 made it to the final selection. The participants worked at home, in cafes and elsewhere for 32 hours, creating solutions in four tracks.

Together with volunteers and experts, almost round-the-clock support was organized for teams in VKontakte chats and Zoom rooms. To reach the final, the teams presented their projects to experts from the IT and business sectors, many of whom followed the progress of each participant's projects for two days. According to the hackathon rules, only one team - the winner of the track - could present its decision to the new jury in the final of the competition. In addition to coding, live broadcasts from BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov, an online quiz, and a VKontakte quiz on technology. “We were preparing for the face-to-face hackathon, but within a week it was decided to conduct it online.

According to the authors, the service will save time for users and stay on the social network - there will be no need to search for events on different sources. “Panakhs, of course, have a way out of the region: we want any user to be able to easily determine the events he needs in any city. Also in the plans there is a task - to increase the level of accuracy in determining the interests of the user and expand the functionality of the bot ", - the captain of the BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov  team Anatoly Kirichenko. The Nerryasha team has made a mobile application for iOS to search for news based on a filter with the moderator's preferences - the service allows you to select a city, social network, and specific sources.

This will help editors, moderators, smm specialists find information faster and quickly present it to their audience. The Alt + 3 Studio team worked on the service for assessing the commercial factors of the site. With the help of the solution, you can make an SEO analysis of the site based on prices, information about the possibility of delivery, about the company, reviews, contacts. In the plans, the guys see the possibility of introducing a neural network to process user requests for the purpose of more accurate analysis and personal advice, comments about the resource under study. "We hope that such events will allow novice programmers to believe in themselves, to understand that they can create IT solutions in a short time, their prototypes that can improve the working conditions of many people on the Internet," - coordinator of the Belgorod IT cluster, head of the organizing committee Dmitry Zadokhin.

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