Serbian Resource Center and university partners presented the play Letters from Kosovo

Within the framework of the regional festival of the peoples of the world in Belgorod on the occasion of the Day of National Unity, the Institute of Serbian Language and Communications of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov held a cultural and educational event jointly with the Pushkin Library-Museum and the Belgorod Children's Theater "Milk".

Head of the Institute of Serbian Language and Communication Viktoria Ryapukhina recalls that a year ago, in order to tell colleagues about Serbia, students of the "technologist" who had been there in practice, made a selection of texts related to Kosovo. Why exactly about Kosovo? The fact is that "this is not just a place, not just a territory, it is a thread that invisibly connects Serbs from time immemorial to the present day." It was decided to use in the performance the unique collection of real postcards sent from the Serbian enclave available at the Institute, which formed the basis of the idea. The production included poetry and prose miniatures by Russian and Serbian poets and screenwriters.

Colleagues from the Pushkin Library-Museum turned to Victoria Nikolaevna with a proposal to hold a joint event with the participation of actors from the Moloko children's theater. Artistic director Alexei Kirichenko and director Zoya Prikhodko of the theater gave the performance a new interpretation, thought out the structure, gave dynamics to the whole action. The actors perfectly managed to convey to the audience the theme of the struggle between the forces of good and evil, not only for territory, but also for human souls.

The Institute of Serbian Language and Communication provided costumes and authentic props for the production. The new version of Letters from Kosovo featured recordings of Serbian musical compositions, and the song “Na crushuu” by the rock band Kerber was performed live.

The broadcast was carried out on the official public "Serbian Resource Center" on Facebook. The recording is available here.

Also, the organizers announced a new stage of the campaign for collecting literature in Russian for Serbian libraries # book_v_dar.

We remind you that everyone who wants to take part in the action can donate both new and old books in good condition to the Institute of Serbian Language and Communications of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov (st. Kostyukova, 44, hostel number 2, 2nd floor). Books in Russian are accepted, mainly by Russian contemporary authors, but also classical literature, scientific, reference books and children's books. For more information call 8 920 583 72 09 (Victoria).

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