Academic council was held at the university

A meeting of the Academic Council was held at the flagship university. The agenda discussed the development of e-learning and distance learning technologies, the development of educational programs, as well as the approval of the rules for admission to the university in 2021 and regulatory documents governing admission to the BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov.

At the beginning of the meeting, Rector Sergei Glagolev presented the 4th year students Maxim Berdnikov, Maxim Grebennikov, Aleksandr Lysenko and Konstantin Smirnov with letters of thanks from the Department of Construction and Transport of the Belgorod Region for their assistance in preparing documentation within the framework of the Safe and High-Quality Roads National Project.


Svetlana Spesivtseva, Director of the Institute of Distance Education, spoke on the development of e-learning and distance learning technologies at the university. She said that at the moment the online portal contains 111 courses in 25 areas of undergraduate study.

“All courses are made in accordance with a single visual concept and in a single corporate style with the use of infographics. Each course has a promo video, a short description in the public domain, lecture material with video clips, presentations, lecture notes with links to educational materials, "Svetlana Evgenievna emphasized.

Vice-rector for educational activities Vladimir Polyakov spoke about the development of educational programs in accordance with FSES HE 3 ++.

“Over the last academic year, 95% of the new generation federal standards were approved, which dictate the inclusion of the experience of leading enterprises in the training industries in the preparation of educational programs. In the new educational standards, the requirements for the quality of education have been updated and significantly expanded: the student has both fundamental and applied knowledge. The control of these competencies will be carried out not by the university, but by a third-party mechanism for assessing qualifications, ”said Vladimir Mikhailovich.

Director of the Institute for Organization and Management of Recruitment Sergey Bulgakov spoke on two important issues: "Approval of the rules for admission to the university for 2021 for undergraduate, specialist, graduate, postgraduate programs" and "Approval of regulatory documents governing admission in 2021".

During the voting, all questions were unanimously approved by the members of the Academic Council.


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