Scientists from leading universities took part in the International Conference on Innovations and Technologies in Construction

BSTU them. V.G. Shukhov hosted an international scientific online conference "BuildIn Tech BIT 2020. Innovations and Technologies in Construction" with the participation of scientists from leading universities from Russia, Vietnam, China, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

So, in addition to the flagship university of the Belgorod region, representatives of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after V.I. M.V. Lomonosov, North-Eastern Federal University named after M.K. Ammosov, Far Eastern Federal University, Grozny State Oil Technical University named after acad. M.D. Millionshchikov, Penza State University of Construction and Architecture and other universities.



In total, over 150 thematic reports were presented, some of them were discussed in detail during the work of the sections in the areas.

The event was opened by the rector of the flagship university Sergey Glagolev. Addressing the audience, Sergei Nikolaevich emphasized the high importance of holding the conference on topical and innovative problems of building materials science and the construction industry, and noted that the conference was dedicated to the anniversary of the academician of the RAASN, honorary professor of the University Yu.M. Bazhenov.

Acting Rector of the National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Academician of the RAASN Pavel Akimov addressed the participants of the congress with a welcoming speech, noting the fruitful work between BSTU. V.G. Shukhov and the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences.


Rector of the Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering Yu.L. Skolubovich in his speech emphasized that BSTU named after V.G.Shukhova is a leader in many positions of scientific research, and suggested holding such a congress annually.

The conference began with a report by the event moderator - head of the Department of Building Materials Science, Products and Structures, BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov Valeriy Lesovik. Valery Stanislavovich raised questions about the global problem of civilization - the protection of the human environment.

Great interest was aroused by the report of a doctoral student of the Department of SMIK BSTU named after V.G. Shukhova Evgeniya Glagoleva on the most relevant direction in the construction industry - additive technologies in construction. In his speech, Evgeny Sergeevich focused on the need to develop compositions of composite binders of a new generation.

During the conference, the participants also discussed methods of increasing the efficiency of composite materials for special structures, as well as the development of building composites using secondary aggregates from waste from dismantling buildings and structures.

The audience was interested in reports on the topics: "Controlling the process of mineralization of the surface of building materials made of wood" and "Effective fine-grained concrete modified with a highly dispersed additive based on wollastonite".

All congress participants expressed confidence that an event of this level contributes to the improvement of the theoretical and methodological apparatus of building materials science and closer interaction of scientific schools for further cooperation.

Note that the materials provided in the form of articles were reviewed and approved for publication: 50 articles in the journal of the 4th quartile "Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering" and 18 articles in the journal of the 3rd quartile "Solid State Phenomena" (Switzerland), in the journal of Springer publishing house, 85 articles in the journal "IOP Conferences Series: Materials Science and Engineering" (UK). Articles have already been published in Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, and indexing is underway in Scopus.

For 2021, the organizers have planned 3 conferences also indexed in Scopus.

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