Flagship University of the Belgorod Region took part in an international conference

Deputy Director of the Center for International Education and Cooperation, BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov-dr. Yaser Allaham took part in the first international conference, held with the support of the Vice-President of the Republic of Indonesia, Kiai Haji Maruf Amin and the head of the Indonesian bank, Perry Vargio.

The conference "Islamic Perspectives for Sustainable Development and the Role of the Islamic Economy in Global Finance in the 3rd Millennium" was organized by the higher education institutions of Indonesia and Brunei. The flagship university of the Belgorod region became not only the only university that took part in this conference, but also its co-organizer. In total, 125 people took part in the first International Conference of Islamic Civilization.

This event touched on topical and important topics on sustainable economic development and industrial revolution 4.0. Indeed, as you know, absolutely any changes in the economy, especially such dramatic ones as we see now, have a strong impact on the life of society.

Professor of  BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov Allaham Yaser took part at the conference as a speaker and spoke about the experience of the Belgorod region and the region's flagship university in the field of new technologies. The scientists also touched upon the issues of integrating existing technologies into one common system, which aroused great interest among many participants.

“Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shukhov was the only Russian university to take part in this conference. This is very important for us, because working together with universities in other countries, we exchange experience, hold heated discussions and, most importantly, learn the most relevant information from the world community, "Allaham Yasser Seyfiddin shared his impressions.

All speakers of the conference received honorary certificates of participation in the first International Conference of Islamic Civilization "Islamic Perspectives of Sustainable Development and the Role of the Islamic Economy in Global Finance in the 3rd Millennium."

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