Scientists disacussed the creation of waste processing technology

Within the framework of the project “Creation of an integrated technology for processing gypsum-containing waste from industrial enterprises”, implemented on the platform of the Belgorod SEC “Innovative solutions in the agro-industrial complex”, the development and creation of an integrated technology for processing gypsum-containing waste continues. This will allow solving environmental problems associated with the accumulation of waste from industrial and livestock enterprises.

It is the integrated processing that will allow minimizing the volume of by-products of production and bringing the raw materials to full utilization. The development of a technology for processing gypsum-containing waste will make it possible to obtain binding raw materials that can be used in construction, fertilizers for use in agriculture and rare earths that are used in technical production. A promising direction will allow taking into account the characteristics of the raw materials of each individual storage facility and modeling the optimal process of its processing in industrial volumes.

“Scientists from Belgorod universities are taking part in the development, and they have brought this technology to perfection. At the moment we are working according to the planned implementation schedules, without any delays. Our immediate plans include the goal of patenting a technology for processing gypsum-containing waste from enterprises, ”said Aleksey Titenko, project manager, General Director of LLC "Stroitel".

Belgorod State Technological University V.G. Shukhov has tremendous experience in the disposal of various types of waste. One of the scientific leaders of the project "Creation of an integrated technology for processing gypsum-containing waste from industrial enterprises" is associate professor of the university, candidate of technical sciences Natalia Alfimova.

“At the moment, thanks to the SEC project, funding has been received, which allows us to move to the industrial part of the work and obtain the first results. With the implementation of this project, its subsequent replication in the regions that face the problem of processing a large amount of gypsum-containing waste from industrial enterprises is possible, ”said the scientific leader of the project.

The development of waste processing technology will allow not only to solve the environmental problem, but also to obtain products in demand on the world market. First of all, these are products used in radio electronics, the production of magnets and various high-precision equipment.

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