Summer School of Construction Engineering -Summer Structural 2020

The Department of Expertise and Real Estate Management held the first summer school "Summer Structural 2020" in an online format from July 20 to August 5, 2020.

The school was aimed to generalizing and developing the skills of construction engineering - calculation, design, modeling and assessment of the resource intensity of building structures, buildings and structures using modern information modeling software in construction. Students of construction profiles and areas of training of universities in Russia and abroad, practicing industry specialists interested in the practical use of information modeling technologies in construction took part in the work of the school.

In seven blocks of the school, the students, led by the teachers of the  department (Naumov A.E., Dolzhenko A.V., Krutilova M.O.), were able to briefly familiarize themselves and, using practical examples, go through the key stages of the life cycle of building structures - from the basic structural analysis and general principles of spatial modeling to methods and tools for assessing the technical condition and resources spent on construction. The practical exercises of the school are based on the use of a line of popular industry software used in real design practice - Archicad, LIRA-SAPR, GrandSmeta, VR Concept.

The trainees received practical skills in working with modern measuring and diagnostic equipment in the construction industry, practiced in the design of real steel and reinforced concrete building structures, got acquainted with effective virtual reality tools in the construction industry.

The events of the school attracted more than 130 people who took an active part in the work of the school and its individual blocks, listening to online lectures, working on online master classes and completing independent control tasks.

Next year, the managers of the school plan to further expand the geography of the participants and make the school offline. Detailed information about the school can be found on the website or in social networks on VKontakte and Facebook.

Feedback from students of the Summer School of Construction Engineering "Summer Structural 2020"

Thank you very much for the new skills and abilities that I received at this school! I liked absolutely every module of the school. Now I am not at all afraid to model structures, carry out an independent calculation of estimates, evaluate and survey various rooms in ARCHCAD using a point cloud. I would also like to mention the Building Mechanics module, which was the most theoretical of all. The information was provided clearly and clearly. I was able to repeat what I already know and learn a lot of new things. I really liked the teachers' approach to their work! I cannot but mention it. It was incredibly interesting, despite the difficulties that sometimes arise. If the children had questions during the lesson, the teachers answered them immediately. It's great. In addition to chatting during the lessons, it was possible to communicate with the teachers personally by writing to them by email, which made me very happy too. I can confidently recommend this summer school to all students of technical universities. They will definitely pick up something useful and interesting for themselves. Many thanks to BSTU named after  V.G. Shukhov for the opportunity to gain new knowledge!

Chernousova Elizaveta,
SRU MSCU, Moscow

Many thanks to all organizers and teachers of the summer training school! Great benefit for both students and experienced professionals. The training was carried out at a high level. Affordable, intelligible. The modules "Strength Analysis" and "Structural Design" are especially interesting. Let's hope that this school will become a good tradition. Additional gratitude for the opportunity to use and expand knowledge using the recording. This is especially valuable for participants who, due to their employment, were unable to participate online. Thanks again!

Rakhmatulina Elena,
LLC "StroyExpert", Votkinsk

I liked the modules "Strength Analysis", "Building Modeling" and "Estimate Business" very much. I discovered the new ARCHICAD program and I am very happy about it. I acquired new knowledge, and in my further education this knowledge will help me to look at things from a new point of view. Thank you very much for your invaluable contribution to the future generation !!!

Tuleshova Mellat,
SPbPU, St. Petersburg

Both in terms of organization and knowledge, it turned out to be very interesting and useful. As a person who is just beginning to delve into the topic of architecture, I liked everything and everything will be applicable to one degree or another. In particular, the mechanics module was useful, which I now understood better than in pairs. Thanks a lot to the organizers!

Potapova Ekaterina,
Ural College of Construction, Architecture
and entrepreneurship, Yekaterinburg

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