Competitive selection of students in the military training center of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov

At the flagship university of the region  work is actively underway to select students who have expressed a desire to study at the military training center named after Hero of the Soviet Union, General of the Army N.F. Vatutin at BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov. Training takes place under the military training programs for reserve officers and sergeants.


Anyone could take part in the competitive selection, but it is necessary to fulfill the basic requirements: having citizenship of the Russian Federation, fitness for military service for health reasons, to study 1 - 2 course of a specialist or 1 year of bachelor's degree at BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov, readiness to pass standards for physical training.

The competitive selection itself consists of the following stages:

1. Acceptance of the application and all the necessary documents for training at the military training center.

2. Passing the examination by the military medical commission and professional and psychological selection in the military commissariats.

3. Checking the physical fitness of candidates and passing the established standards.

One of the difficult stages of admission to the military training center of a flagship university is a worthy passing of all standards for physical training. The exam consists of three exercises: pulling up on the bar, running 100 meters and running 3 kilometers. To determine the level of physical fitness of candidates, a table is used to convert the amount of points scored in physical fitness to a 100 point scale.

For each institute, a schedule was created for passing the exam in physical training at the stadium of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov. According to it, within one day, students pass all the standards, the results of which will be used to assess the physical fitness of military personnel. After that, the competitive commission conducts a full-fledged, summary selection of students for admission to military training at the military department.

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