Job Fair held in videoconference mode

An online job fair is a modern format of university events that allows an unlimited number of students and graduates in need of employment to participate. In the current conditions of the rapid transition of universities to a digital work format, the scientific and methodological center for professional adaptation and employment of specialists of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov also translated work with students, graduates and employers into electronic format.

The Center already has positive experience in holding the 24/7 Vacancy Fair (held twice in May 2020) on the Vkontakte platform, in which leading companies of the Belgorod Region and other regions of the Russian Federation participated.

On June 10th, an online job fair on the Zoom platform took place in a videoconference mode. Students were represented by representatives of large companies such as: RUSAGRO, Miratorg, BZS Monocrystal, EFKO, Alliance. In general, the event was attended by over 70 students and graduates of various specialties in accordance with the list that was announced by employers.

During the event, presentations of enterprises and organizations were held. Employers spoke about companies, the specifics of their activities, and personnel policies for young professionals. They also presented available vacancies, places for internships and internships, named the size of wages for newly hired specialists, provided data on social packages for employees (free meals, voluntary medical insurance policies for employees at the expense of companies, delivery to the place of work, assistance with moving housing, etc.).

At the end of the meeting, company representatives answered questions of interest to Shukhov residents on the air, exchanged contacts, and agreed to undergo individual interviews, including the online format. Note that the event participants were satisfied with this format of communication.

The Scientific and Methodological Center for Professional Adaptation and Employment of Specialists will continue the practice of holding job fairs in the online format on the Zoom and Vkontakte platform.

Dear students! Join the group of the Center for the Promotion of Employment of Vkontakte and will be aware of all the events in the labor market of the Belgorod Region and Russia! Use virtual communications to start a successful career today!

To clarify all the information of interest on the event, contact the administrators of the above VKontakte group or write to e-mail

Recall that the job fair is an event in the field of career and employment, the participants are specialized employers who demonstrate the available vacancies, career opportunities for graduates and senior students, promote the brand of their company as an employer in direct communication with job seekers.

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