Patent of BSTU named after V.G.Shukhov is awarded a silver medal

Gypsum-containing (GCW) wastes are widespread in the territory of the Russian Federation and a number of other states. The accumulated reserves of this technogenic raw materials, according to various estimates, amount to 5-7 billion tons. Currently, there are more than 50 types of GCW that have been studied by various scientific groups.

They need to be recycled, excluding all types of bulk waste (environmental factors, the development of settlements and settlements, etc.), as well as providing them with high value. ., application in agriculture. Numerous studies of a wide range of specialists confirm these theses, show possible approaches to their implementation. Nevertheless, they must solve individual problems and focus on finding ways to minimize the negative effects of the products obtained. This approach, as a rule, has a negative economic balance, does not require the development of large-scale processing of gypsum-containing waste.

It should also be noted that at present there are no results obtained as a result of laboratory research and the cost-effective use of waste in industrial production.

In Belgorod, at the CitroBel citric acid plant, the question arises of the need for disposal, the accumulation of by-products for many years - citrogypsum. In particular, the task was set to develop technologies for the integrated production of these raw materials, which would allow not only the use of industrial by-products, but also the most important environmental issues, such as heavy and mineral fertilizers.

For the implementation of the task took LLC “Builder” in conjunction with the Belgorod State Technological University named after  V.G. Shukhov. In particular, employees of the department of the department of building materials science and the production of finished materials, which are under development.

The results are reflected in two patents:

US Pat. 2695313, MP C1, C04B 18/26, C04B 28/14, C04B 111/20, Russian Federation, “Raw mix for sawdust concrete and a method for manufacturing products from sawdust concrete”; applicant and patent holder BSTU them. V.G. Shukhov, No. 2018126082, declared 07/13/2018; published on 07/23/2019,
US Pat. 2132310, MP C1, C04 B 28/14, C04B 111/20, Russian Federation, “Method for the production of gypsum products”; applicant and patent holder BSTU named after  V.G. Shukhov, No. 97112269/03, declared 07/16/1997; published on 06/27/1999.

The patent “Raw mix for the manufacture of products from modified cytogypsum and manufacturing method” was presented at the XXIII Moscow level, devoted to inventions and innovative technologies “Archimedes 2020” and was awarded a silver medal.

Currently, research in the field of methods for processing gypsum-containing wastes continues under the project "Creating an integrated technology for processing gypsum-containing wastes of industrial enterprises", implemented on the platform of the Belgorod Scientific and Educational Center (SEC) of world level.

It should be noted that this object is a valuable resource that allows you to get heavy, comfortable, rare and rare earth metals. The problem of phosphogypsum utilization is relevant not only for the Russian Federation, but also for many countries of the world. Achieving the objectives of the project will improve the environmental situation, as well as provide access to the regional database.

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