Center for International Education and Cooperation held online events

The Center for International Education and Cooperation of the flagship University conducts active distance work among foreign citizens. From May 25 to 29, the Center takes part in the online educational exhibition "ABC FAIRS: RESEARCH ABROAD EDUCATION 2020", organized by a partner of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhova - Association of East European Universities (Association of East European Universities)

Each ABC fair is a five-day virtual event in a particular region, in which up to 5000 visitors participate. During this period, students and their parents will learn about the possibilities of studying abroad. Young people are interested in degree programs, language courses, summer schools, internships, summer camps and preparatory programs.

As part of this exhibition, educational programs were created for the inhabitants of Latin America and the English-speaking inhabitants of Africa.

During the events, ABC Director General Bogdan Voronovsky spoke about strategies and technologies that will help increase the number of foreign students and increase their attractiveness in the market. Issues related to the use of online tools, an analysis of student opportunities, an overview of the international education market, and many other topics were discussed.

Last week, the Council held a remote meeting in conjunction with the staff of the Center for International Education and Cooperation. The council consists of 21 chairmen. In the current environment, meetings take place online, once every two weeks,

Foreign students learned about further efforts in the field of migration law in the summertime, when they considered questions about the format and preliminary dates for the international futsal tournament among foreign students “Friendship Cup”. Up to 500 participants and fans are constantly awarded with the participation of the rector of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov.

Important issues remain related to the exit and promotion of study visas for university graduates, as After defending a diploma, there are a number of procedures for legalizing a diploma.

Questions regarding the rules of living in dormitories and compliance with fire safety rules, as well as rules of conduct in public places.

Our employees must promptly inform them of important news and events. In the past academic year, board chairpersons Xu Zhenpen (PRC), Al-Hasnawi, Yasser Sami Garib (Iraq), Francisco Candido (Angola) and Hamdan Mohamad (Syria) spoke.

These were letters of appreciation from student partners.

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