Information modeling - the present and future of the construction industry

Information modeling of buildings and structures, more popularly called BIM today, is a complex of technical, technological and hardware-software innovations that provide fully digital design of living environment objects with maximum control of their structural safety parameters, functional reliability, and resource consumption of the building at all stages of its implementation life cycle - construction, operation, reconstruction and dismantling. At the reference university, information and building modeling technology, included in the educational programs of many departments of the Civil Engineering Institute, is actively used in research and contractual activities by the center for judicial construction and technical expertise and design (head Zharikov I.S.) and the digital modeling laboratory BIMLab Engineering -building Institute (head Dolzhenko A.V.).

The university’s research units not only implement the practical-oriented part of the master's educational program “Management of Information Modeling in Construction” and provide the educational process of undergraduate profiles in the Department of Expertise and Real Estate Management with information models, but also have been working actively for a long time to create, promote and improve information modeling technologies in design, survey, exhibition activities, interacting with many industrial trial partners of the university and developers of industry software. The BIMLab information modeling laboratory, created in 2019 at a reference university, has not long, but already quite successfully been engaged in the development and improvement of spatial modeling technologies for building structures, buildings, structures, technological systems in construction, operation and technical expertise real estate - from digital design and optimization of constructive to hardware-software complexes of training, increase qualifications of industry specialists and technical control of construction projects in virtual and augmented realities. The laboratory works closely with leading domestic foreign manufacturers of software and hardware for reverse engineering in construction, using the most modern information technologies and high-tech measuring and demonstration equipment - from Leica Geosystem geoscanners, capable of digitizing an object of the surrounding world, flaw detector tomographs in a matter of minutes AST and Proceq construction scanners that can look inside concrete and steel, to multi-chamber adrokopterov Mavic, panoramic cameras and kits Insta HTC virtual reality provided content and the latest versions Graphisoft VR Concept software. The laboratory's portfolio includes dozens of complex information models for reverse engineering and training sets of virtual building objects, structures, spatial models of territories and large technogenic objects, complex technological systems for design, construction and management companies of Belgorod, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and foreign countries. The services of the laboratory have already been used by many regional and Russian construction and service organizations that have received digital doubles and restored project documentation for their real estate, high-precision models of the terrain and production areas, virtual tours and exhibits that clearly and resource-efficiently demonstrate to potential customers all the necessary technical and technological details of digitized objects and spaces without the need for costs for their reproduction, difficulties and access restrictions.


BIMLab takes an active part in the implementation of a comprehensive project to develop new methods and tools for managing property in the public sector and their implementation in the software package of the information-analytical system for centralized management of property owned by the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, municipalities, as well as property of state-owned companies, implemented a reference university in the framework of Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 218. With the support of the Department of Construction and Transportation that the regional administration BIMLab implementing several promising research projects in the field of software and hardware of the automated inspection of immovable objects, digital certification of operating buildings and structures, information-analytical system of organization of technical real estate management. BIMLab laboratory is a traditional internship base in the field of information-building modeling for students of European universities (Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and other countries), organized by the laboratory of innovative knowledge exchange Like (head M. Krutilov)


The most promising areas of BIMLab research are developments in the field of creation, development and improvement of educational complexes for training and advanced training of linear and service personnel of enterprises in technical disciplines in virtual and augmented reality technologies, which in the conditions of growing interest in distance education will certainly become educational daily routine of most technical universities in the country in the coming years. The success of our laboratory was noted on April 28, the experience of information modeling of buildings, structures and technological systems BIMLab was presented among the best practices of using industry software as part of the online seminar “VR Concept for Teaching Technology: Instructions for Use”, conducted by our industrial partner (


The growing accessibility of the information product provided by spatial scanning technologies, the increasing demand for enterprises and organizations in the region of information services for reverse engineering and digitalization of production, the visibility, persuasiveness and modernity of media content presented by tools and technologies of panoramic visualization and virtual reality open up the widest before scientists and researchers of the reference university prospects for scaling and transferring your project research and development, create new technological opportunities for the university and market niches for effective and socially significant research and project activities. The reference university is ready for these changes in the technological environment, offering for implementation and testing a wide range of its own innovative products, services and educational programs.

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