Business games of students at the ZHBK factory

At the end of March, before switching to the distance learning mode, senior students of the Department of Media and Culture took part in business games, which, according to a good long-standing tradition, were held at JSC ZHBK-1.

In view of the peculiarities of the situation, the practice program was transformed: a two-day intensive was conducted at the plant under the guidance of the shop managers, after which, in the mode of remote interaction, the entire remaining amount of work was performed on production analysis, situational modeling, solving practical problems and preparing reports.

The factory part of the practice began with a detailed safety training at an industrial enterprise. After that, students visited the museum of the ZhBK-1 corporation, which clearly illustrates the entire history of the development of the largest producer of reinforced concrete in the Belgorod region. Then the students headed to the molding workshop, where all types of production lines are presented. All sections of the molding workshop are equipped with modern efficient automated and robotic equipment. Further, students were waiting for polygons where, using modern universal formwork using a bench method, a wide range of large-sized products is manufactured.

The next in line was the expanded clay gravel workshop. The plant conducts extensive research on the replacement of gravel instead of imported gravel from dense rocks, with the supply of which there have recently been serious problems. At the moment, claydite-concrete products with strength class B20 and higher are commercially available. Then the guys got acquainted with the work of the concrete-mortar workshop, the reinforcement workshop.

Anna Kosinova, the laboratory of the plant, whose work was told to the students by its head, a graduate of the SMIK department, provides scientific support for production by performing a large amount of research, supplies production divisions with formulations, and continuously monitors semi-finished products and products, which make up the perception of the ZhBK-1 brand as synonymous with high quality.

Another interesting place of the plant is the concrete scrap processing section, which is the only one of its kind and supplies the production with cheap and high-quality secondary aggregates and fittings that solves the problem of efficient disposal of such large-tonnage waste for a significant part of the Belgorod region. A feature of the site is that a significant part of the equipment is its own development of the plant.

After studying the work of all the main sections, students were waiting for work with project documentation, job descriptions, reporting forms, etc.
WeI would like to express my deep gratitude to the management of JSC ZHBK-1 Plant and all the plant workers for their kind welcome and active participation in the training of process engineers for the production of building materials, products and structures.

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