University took part iat the interregional exhibitions

From the 11 till 13th of March, Belexpocenter hosted the interregional specialized exhibitions BelExpoStroy and Energy Saving and Electrical Engineering. Housing and utilities". Also within the framework of the exhibition, a special exposition “Real Estate Fair” was presented, which especially pleased the guests with intense work and entertainment.

The main goal of the exhibition is to demonstrate achievements and promising developments in the field of energy-saving technologies in industry, housing and communal services, and construction; expansion of trade and economic ties, development of innovation.

Among the regular exhibitors – BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov. The flagship university of Russia was represented by one of the largest and most saturated expositions. In a separate room, numerous diploma projects and developments by students of the Architectural Institute (Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Architectural Design) and the Civil Engineering Institute (Department of Architectural Structures) were presented.

The staff of the Department of Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation took part in the section of the exhibition “A House with Low Energy Consumption - Means of Environmental Conservation and Energy Saving”, where he presented the project “Infrared Heating Systems”.

Teachers of the Department of Electric Power and Automation make their contribution to the development of energy efficiency, putting forward new ideas for its optimization, which is an obvious trend in the development of world energy.

Also at the exhibition was presented the innovative project "Interactive interaction with a digital double of technological equipment and construction projects in VR technologies" from the Department of Expertise and Property Management.

Building technologies for the development, production and use of highly effective materials of various nature and purpose were proposed by young scientists of the department of building materials science of products and structures.

The new direction of training for bachelors and masters with the aim of targeted training of highly qualified managerial personnel in the field of housing and communal services in the basic and educational programs "Housing and Communal Infrastructure" was presented by the Department of Management and Foreign Economic Affairs.

The Department of Construction and Municipal Economy widely covers topics on thermal imaging diagnostics of buildings and structures, monitoring, ensuring safety and operational reliability of housing and communal services; energy-saving green building technologies using highly porous composites, as well as vibropressed elements of modern improvement of pedestrian and street-road networks of urban areas.

The business program of the exhibition included the presentation of reputable speakers, workshops, meetings and consultations on the construction industry, energy, housing and communal services.

Six interesting master classes with a variety of topics were prepared and conducted by representatives of the BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov. Their participants were students of industrial and construction colleges and schoolchildren. As part of the School of the Young Builder, the guys attended a virtual reality master class in building technologies, learned about the role of digital technologies in the diagnosis of buildings and structures, saw how a solution for a 3D building printer is created, felt like artists, creating paintings and graphic works , expanded knowledge in chemistry and physics.

Following the results of the exhibition, all participants were awarded with diplomas.


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