Another achievement of the Golden Department of Russia

The results of the All-Russian contest “Engineer of the Year-2019” were summed up in Moscow. According to the version “Engineering Art of the Young”, the winner was the postgraduate student of the Department of Building Materials, Products and Structures of the flagship university -Ahmed Ahmed Anis Ahmed (scientific superviser - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Ruslan Lesovik). The young scientist carries out his research in the framework of the international scientific and educational center "Theory and Practice of Restoring Destroyed Cities."

The presentation was attended by the Attache for Culture and Education of the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in the Russian Federation, Dr. Abud Habib Mtashr, as well as the representative of the Iraqi Association of Alumni of Soviet and Russian Universities Yasin Abdel Jalil Abud.

In many countries of the world due to military operations there are destroyed buildings, therefore, the urgent issue is the development of theoretical provisions for the design and creation of new generation composites from fragments of destroyed buildings and structures. Ahmed Ahmed Anis Ahmed, in the framework of the dissertation, solves this problem by studying the features of the destruction of buildings and structures, develops technologies for obtaining a wide range of new generation composites.

Representatives of the embassy and construction workers of Iraq became interested in the results of the studies, and graduate student Ahmed Ahmed Anis Ahmed was invited to the Iraqi ambassador to Russia, Al-Hussaini Adulrahman Hamid, to discuss the implementation of the research.

Based on the results of the negotiations, it was decided to hold an online meeting with representatives of construction companies in Mosul (Iraq) and create a representative office of the international theory and education center “Theory and Practice of Restoring Destroyed Cities”.

Reference: the annual All-Russian contest “Engineer of the Year” is accepted and recognized by the country's engineering community, is fully supported by the leaders of the regions, the Government of the Russian Federation. The significant contribution of the competition to identifying the best engineers of the country, popularizing engineering, promoting achievements and experience, attracting the attention of government agencies to the problems of engineering in Russia is noted.

The contest "Engineering of the Young" is held for young professionals. At the same time, the applicant should have such results of scientific and engineering activities or engineering developments that, according to their indicators, are at the level of the most modern requirements.

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