Engineering racing teams of the university in world TOPs

For five years at BSTU named after  V.G. Shukhov students of various specialties create sports equipment of various types from scratch. Every year, participants in the SHUKHOV RACING TEAM student engineering project present their new Formula SAE race cars and Baja SAE class buggies with which they participate in prestigious engineering and sports competitions in Russia, Italy, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Anton Dikevich, Artyom Korneev and Victoria Saplinova, employees of the Department of Operation and Organization of Traffic, manage the project  at the BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov.

At the moment, the SHUKHOV RACING TEAM project already has three full-fledged engineering racing teams: SRT Combustion (a team that creates racing cars with an internal combustion engine), SRT Electric (a team that creates electric race cars) and SRT Baja (the sports bugging team). It is worth noting that the SRT Baja team became the winner and prize winner of absolutely all competitions in which it participated with its SUVs.

Every day, students of different courses and areas of study receive real skills and new knowledge in the field of automotive racing. Day after day, the Shukhovi team are diligently pursuing their main dream - to create the best racing car in their class to show what talented young people of our university are capable of.


“Our students receive real practice-oriented training, as well as the necessary skills of highly qualified specialists. In our project we train specialists of a wide profile for the region. We want to show that there is nothing impossible and unattainable for initiative youth. Our guys are a vivid example of this! ”- said the head of the SRT Electric team Anton Dikevich.

According to the world rating of the international project “Formula Student”, at present the formula teams of “Technologist” are in the TOP-200 and TOP-500 of the world rating of the project “Formula SAE” (Formula “Student”).

The young team "SRT Electric" was included in the list of TOP-200 teams, ranking 156th in the world rating in the "electric train" class.

The second team  of BSTU maned after V.G. Shukhov "SRT Combustion" with its gasoline cars entered the TOP-500, settling in 451st place in the rating.

“At the end of last season, the team rose by 20 positions. In total, the ranking of about 600 student teams from around the world. It is worth noting that in the Russian ranking the SRT Combustion team is in second place. A new season is ahead and we will fight for high scores in order to surpass the result of last year, ”said Artyom Korneev, head of SRT Combustion.

All three teams of the student engineering project “SHUKHOV RACING TEAM” express gratitude to the university rector for their support, as well as to partner Energon Electro, who provided great assistance to the project during the 2019 season.

Victoria Saplinova,
Team Leader, SRT Baja, Coordinator, SRT Electric

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