Shukhov team held master classes at the regional festival of technical creativity

At  Novy Oskol the Regional festival of technical creativity took place, which included a large number of interesting work sites:

- “Labyrinth”, where the creation of an autonomous robot was examined, which was able to more quickly travel from the start zone to the finish zone through a maze composed of typical elements;

- “Into Space”, with the creation of an experimental flying model of the “Show Model” class rocket, using non-traditional schemes of winged, rotorcraft aerostatic models and rocket launchers;

“Chasing Nemo.” On the site there were competitions on speed and dexterity of passing the track with the simplest radio control equipment;

- "CityCarDriving". Participants of this site could try their hand at driving a car using a realistic simulator on a given track;

- "RoboFootball." The guys were especially excited about the new method of their favorite game, where the entire football match was played using controlled robots;

- "Racing copters", where the guys at the speed of the radio-controlled copter must overcome a certain distance;

- “Z-D palette”, with volume drawing competitions using 3-D pens;

- “Speedcubing”, the participants of this platform practiced collecting the classic Rubik's Cube for speed;

- “Samodelkin”, which implied a competition to create a model of a flying indoor airframe for manually starting a free structure.

The festival brought children from 17 municipal districts and urban regions of the Belgorod region. In total, about 800 children took part, wishing to create something new, unique and unique, keen on technical creativity.

The guests of honor of the festival were: the head of the administration of the Novooskolsky city district Andrey Gridnev; Rector of the Belgorod Regional Institute for the Development of Education of the Belgorod Region Albina Butchek; Director of the Small Technological University  of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhova-Natalya Altynnik.


Guidance workshops in various areas (electrical engineering, virtual reality, nanobionics) at the festival of technical creativity were conducted by students and employees of the reference university: Julia Chernyaeva, specialist of the Small Technological University; Igor Alferov, deputy executive secretary of the selection committee, undergraduate student of ITOM; Vladislav Sergienko, student of IEITUS; students Yegor Borisov and Pavel Churikov; ISI students Vyacheslav Pesotsiy and Louise Koshkalda.

Also, representatives of BSTU named after Shukhov made jury members in several categories: “Formula 2020” - Natalya Altynnik and “3-D palette” - Igor Alferov.

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