Presentation of the Department of Materials Science and Materials Technology took place at the BSTU

On the 24th of December, the presentation of the Department of Materials Science and Materials Technology was held, headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences Valeria Strokova. Valeria Valeryevna told about the results of the activities, plans and tasks of the department for 2020–2021.

At the moment, the department implements one educational program for the preparation of bachelors in the direction of "Materials Science and Materials Technology" and two educational programs for the preparation of masters in the areas of "Construction" and "Nanomaterials".

The total contingent of students at the department is 71 people, of which 45 are bachelors. Teachers of the department annually publish textbooks and guidelines on electronic and paper media that are used in the educational process.

The head of the department also identified one of the main problems of the unit - the small number of faculty, which may cause difficulties in the implementation of large scientific projects related to the need to perform a large amount of work. But, as the head of the research department Andrei Naumov noted, even in spite of the small number of staff, the department conducts active research activities.

Currently, the department is carrying out 12 funded research projects, 9 grant applications have been submitted, under the guidance of teachers of the department, 8 graduate students are doing research and two members of the scientific school are preparing doctoral dissertations. As part of project training, almost all students of the department are involved in research activities.

Three lecturers of the department are in the top 100 scientists by the number of citations in the RSCI. Among the most published authors in Web of Science, teachers - Valeria Strokova and Natalya Kozhuhova take 16th and 30th places, respectively, and among the most published authors in Scopus, the head of the educational department takes 11th place, Natalya Kozhukhova - 21st place and Victoria Nelyubova - 36th.

At the end of the event, Vice-Rector for Continuing Education Sergey Mikhaylichenko noted the high level of employment of graduates of the department.

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