The quality of road construction is the most important direction of the country economic development

In modern road construction, special complexes are formed, which include fairly sophisticated equipment, characterized by high dimensionality and dynamism of work processes. The quality and terms of construction largely depend on their technical condition. In order to improve the qualifications of engineering and technical personnel in early December, the Institute of Retraining and Advanced Studies of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov and faculty of the department of hoisting-and-transport and road machines, trained the heads of repair services and chief mechanics of the road-building enterprises of the Belgorod region under the program "Improving the reliability and durability of the equipment of hydraulic systems and drives." The educational program was attended by students from LLC “AUTOSTRA”, LLC “Avtodorstroy-Contractor”, MUE “Avtodor”, LLC “DSU-6”, LLC “BelZNAK-Prokhorovka”, LLC “Management Improvement” and others.


Professor Aleksey Romanovich, head of the department, opened the plenary session and smoothly moved on to the topic of training, uncovered topical issues of improving the reliability of the operation of machinery and equipment through the use of new repair methods, innovative lubricants and timely alignment and adjustment of aggregates. A lively discussion was caused by a discussion of problems in the field of increasing the durability of machines, taking into account the development of the faculty of the department and recommendations for their solution, shared by Alexey Romanovich.


The director of the service department of Jupiter-9 LLC, Ph.D., associate professor of the department Boris Zdanovich made a presentation and familiarized the audience with the Rules for reading hydraulic systems of Russian and foreign production, arising failures in the process of work and methods for their diagnosis and elimination. He talked about the requirements for the operation of variable displacement pumps with the LS control line and ways to increase their reliability and durability in operation.

The presentation was also made by the head of the Belgorod branch of the after-sales service department for road-building equipment Viktor Stepanishchev, who examined the most typical failures of the components and assemblies of hydraulic systems of road-building machines using examples. The discussion of methods that allow to identify and eliminate failures and malfunctions aroused increased interest and lively discussion of the audience.

As a result of training, students received certificates of advanced training. All participants praised this program and expressed their wishes to systematically conduct such training on various problematic issues.

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