The international plein air ended in the flagship university of the region

The closing ceremony of the V International sculptor plein air took place on October 3 in the territory of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov. For the fifth time, the flagship university of the region held an event in which students and teachers of Belgorod universities were able to get acquainted with modern trends in the world of fine art.


The closing ceremony was attended by university leaders, teachers, staff and students.

“For five years now, the International Plein Air of Sculptors has become a platform for interaction and exchange of experience of artists, sculptors, architects, designers from around the world. This year, our guests have created a wonderful gallery of images of famous engineers and scientists who will decorate the territory of our campus.

I would like to note that the craftsmen took only ten days to make these masterpieces. The talent and hard work of the sculptors who created real works of art in such a short time is worthy of the Guinness Book of Records, ”said the rector of the university Sergey Glagolev.


On behalf of foreign guests, a professor from Egypt, Osam El Servy, addressed the staff and students of the university. The Egyptian sculptor expressed gratitude for organizing and conducting the open air.

“The sculptor’s dream is an opportunity to share his work so that anyone can touch the art, appreciate it, make something useful for themselves. We are sincerely glad that we were able to give you our creations, to give Belgorod a piece of our soul and deserve your approval. Throughout this time, we have worked diligently on sculptures. Sometimes it was difficult, but we defeated stone and time. This reflects our great love for Russia, ”said Osam El Servy.


For ten days, craftsmen from Arab countries worked on the creation of marble sculptures in the theme "Prominent scientists and engineers of the world."


Professor Osam El Servy made a bust of the famous Russian philosopher and inventor Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. The Syrian sculptor Issa Deeb was inspired by the image of an engineer, architect, designer Apollodorus from Damascus. Hatim Hamid from Egypt recreated a portrait of the ancient Egyptian architect Hemiun, the author of the Cheops pyramid in Giza. A master from Syria, Bassam Ibrahim Susnak, created a sculpture of the famous Russian scientist Dmitry Mendeleev. The sculptor Almadhun Khalil from Bahrain made a portrait of the founder of Arabic calligraphy Ibn Mukla.

As part of an extraordinary meeting of the Academic Council, the rector of the university presented sculptors from Arab countries with diplomas and medals for services to the university.

The director of the architectural institute Vitaly Pertsev praised the talent and professionalism of foreign masters: “The genre of sculptural portraiture is the most complex genre in art. With sculptural means, the author must show the smallest facial features, facial expressions, emotions. It is really very difficult. But our guests did an excellent job. They created refined and harmonious works.






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