Applied Mineralogy: the future is born today (second day of Congress)

The second day of the 14th International Congress on Applied Mineralogy (ICAM-2019) began with a plenary session at which domestic and foreign scientists presented their reports.



Olga Frank-Kamenetskaya shared the results of research on the topic “Monitoring the state of stone monuments of St. Petersburg and the strategy for their conservation”. As part of her work, the speaker talked about the causes and stages of the destruction of natural stone, made recommendations for protecting monuments from biodegradation.

Natalya Timonina devoted her speech to the topic “Oil and gas deposits in the Lower Triassic deposits in the Arctic regions of the Timan-Pechora province”.

Foreign guests made a significant contribution to the development of the scientific discussion. A report on “The structure and surface reactivity mediated by the enzymatic characteristics of a clay-based nanobiocatalyst” was read by Shiyong Sun from China. French scientist Gwenn Le Southe spoke about the "Study of calcium sulfoaluminate cement." The representative of the University of Aveiro (Portugal) Fernando Rocha presented a report on "Improving the properties of geopolymers based on metakaolin-zeolite-diatomite-red mud".

During the plenary session, representatives of the scientific community analyzed the results of research in the field of applied mineralogy, discussed current problems, and asked the speakers questions of interest.

In the afternoon, foreign and domestic scientists took part in the specialized sections of the congress: “Geometallurgy, technological mineralogy and mineral processing”, “Building materials”, “Environment and energy resources”. They discussed the issue of preserving the planet’s natural resources and modern methods of increasing the efficiency of using raw materials, familiarized themselves with real cases from the field of applied mineralogy.

The listeners were especially interested in the reports of Emin Chiftfi (Mineralogy of ores of the epimesothermic gold deposit Chorak-Tach (Yusufeli-Artvin-Turkey), Ursuly Kelm (“Scherrer width and topography illite as potential indicators for contrast extraction of copper by flotation from Chilean Mo porphyria Cu ) ores ”), Magomed Saydumova (“ High-quality concrete for the foundations of the multifunctional high-rise complex (MCC) “Akhmat Tower”), Kunwei Dai (“Generation of calcite mineral in the cold travertine Huanglong, China”).




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