International Congress on Applied Mineralogy started at BSTU named after V.G.Shukhov

The opening ceremony of ICAM-2019 was held on September 23 at the high technology center of the flagship  university. There are more than 400 scientists participants and specialists in the field of applied mineralogy from 18 countries. Congress organizers: Ministry of Education and Science, Government of the Belgorod Region, BSTU named after  V.G. Shukhov, RAS, RAASN, IMA, RMO, Institute of Geology, Komi Scientific Center, Ural Branch of RAS. Among the co-organizers is the metallurgical holding Metalloinvest.


The International Congress on Applied Mineralogy (ICAM) serves as a platform for the exchange of experience of specialists of mining and metallurgical enterprises, scientific organizations, engineering companies, students and university professors from around the world. It is carried out with the aim of determining the vector of priority scientific areas, strengthening the prestige of science, creating new professional contacts.



The opening ceremony of the congress was led by the co-chairman of the national organizing committee, professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, adviser to the RAASN, director of the scientific and educational center "Nanostructured composite materials" BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov Valery Strokov.

This year, ICAM is being held for the first time in the Russian Federation. The main theme is “Applied Mineralogy: The Future Is Born Today”.

Rector of the University Sergey Glagolev addressed the participants of the event with a welcoming speech: “Dear colleagues, congress participants, guests! I am pleased to welcome you to Belgorod at the 14th International Congress on Applied Mineralogy. It is gratifying to note that such a significant international event takes place on the basis of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov -  flagship university of Russia, which is an educational and scientific-innovative center of attraction of talents and the formation of the professional elite of the region, the personnel base and potential of mining and processing industries.

Undoubtedly, this large-scale and productive meeting of beginners and leading industry experts will become an important milestone in the history of applied mineralogy, determine promising areas for the industrial development of this science, both in Russia and abroad, and will contribute to overcoming significant technological barriers, creating new and improving existing industry collaborations. "



On behalf of the region’s leadership, Deputy Governor of the Belgorod Region Olga Pavlova greeted all those present: “It is deeply symbolic that such a representative scientific forum, held for the first time in the Russian Federation, is hosted by the Belgorod region, which is famous not only for the unique wealth of the subsoil and its development, but also for unique research in areas of mineralogy and mining.

We consider the decision of the organizing committee to hold a congress on the territory of our region as a high assessment of our efforts aimed at improving the efficiency of the mining industry and the integrated use of minerals. There is no doubt that the congress, bringing together researchers and industrialists from around the world, will serve as a constructive and productive dialogue for the development of applied mineralogy and the rational use of the planet’s potential. ”                                                                 During the plenary session, members of the domestic and foreign scientific community demonstrated the results of their research activities. Askhab Askhabov spoke about the "Mineralogical breakthrough in the nanoworld." Professor  of BSTU named after  V.G. Shukhov, Corresponding Member of RAASN Valery Lesovik presented the report “KMA Geology as a Theoretical Base of Nature-Like Technologies”. Guest from Mianyang (PRC) Kunwei Dai devoted his speech to the issue “The effects of an earthquake on the landscape of the Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong Travertine and its restoration”. Olga Kotova spoke about “Applied Mineralogy of Mining Industrial Wastes”, Valery Maslennikovo about “High-Tech Elements in the Minerals of Massive Sulphide Deposits”. Leonid Weisberg raised the issue of "Technological mineralogy as the basis for the preparation of molybdic-schlite ores."
 Congress participants continued to discuss industry issues in the framework of the scientific sections: “Geometallurgy, technological mineralogy and mineral processing”, “Promising materials with improved characteristics, including technical ceramics and glass”, “Industrial minerals, precious stones, ores and mining mineral".


Ahead of the guests of the reference university are waiting for four days of hard work. Scientists and specialists in the field of applied mineralogy will take part in plenary sessions, lectures and master classes, visit a specialized exhibition, get acquainted with the activities of the Lebedinsky mining and processing plant.

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