A university graduate won the grant competition at the Eurasia Global Forum

In Orenburg, at the Eurasia Global International Youth Forum, which brought together 800 young people from all over the world, was defense of the projects of the grant competition of the Public Diplomacy Support Fund named after A.M. Gorchakova.

As a result of the competition, nine of the best projects of foreign participants were supported for their implementation in nine countries: Kazakhstan, Armenia, India, Croatia, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, Great Britain, Afghanistan and southeast Ukraine. The total amount of the grant competition amounted to 2 million 400 thousand rubles: one grant in the amount of 500,000 rubles, three grants of 300,000 rubles and five grants of 200,000 rubles each.
The jury awarded the main grant in the amount of 500,000 rubles to the project of Ahmad Khaibar Akifi “Youth of Russia and Afghanistan: together about the main thing”. Under this name, a conference will be held to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Russian-Afghan relations. The event will bring together young active representatives of Russia and Afghanistan with the goal of creating strong friendly relations and forming a positive image of countries in the eyes of each other. The prospect will be the creation of cultural, educational and advisory centers with active youth, holding regular meetings on the territory of both countries in order to form sustainable educational and business contacts.

Akifi Ahmad Khaibar is a graduate of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov. It is noteworthy that, being currently a graduate student at a Moscow university, Ahmad Khaibar did not forget the university where he began his studies in Russia: “I am very happy about this victory! Now we have a real opportunity to hold a forum that will help unite the young people of Russia and Afghanistan. My victory in this competition is very significant, since all the submitted projects were interesting and promising. I want to note that the decision on participation was not difficult, since from the time of study at the preparatory faculty for foreign citizens BSTU them. V.G. Shukhov, I began to train my speech for performances in Russian. Thanks to Dean Elena Nikolaevna Legochkina for such an organization of work that young foreigners not only learn Russian, but also learn to use it in different fields. I also want to express my gratitude for participating in mass events of the university and in the annual traditional international festival for foreign students “Our Home is Planet Earth”.

I would also like to mention my supervisor at the magistracy, Sergey Vasilievich Kupriyanov, who inspired me with confidence in the prospects of scientific activity in Russia, helped me choose a direction, even if for this I had to change the university.

Obtaining a grant from the Gorchakov Foundation is not just money, it is an opportunity to demonstrate to the young people from Afghanistan all the good things that Russia has taught me, and also to show Russians that the youth of Afghanistan can become reliable partners in various fields.

Now the issue of the platform for the forum is being decided, perhaps it will be my native BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov, because I know that the rector of the university Sergey Glagolev supports international projects aimed at strengthening cooperation. He, like many modern leaders, understands the importance of “soft power” in the current political situation, and here it is educational institutions and cultural events that make a significant contribution. ”




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