Team of the flagship university visited the educational intensive Ostrov 10-22

“Ostrov 10-22” is an educational intensive dedicated to the transformation of universities. It was held at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology.

Skolkovo become a testing ground for the interaction of universities, business structures and public authorities. 140 teams from various universities, representatives of the STI markets, start-ups and large enterprises came to the “Island 10-22” participants. Among them, the supporting university of the region – BSTU named after  V.G. Shukhov.


The team consisted of 10 people, each of whom was chosen according to their profile: administration, heads of structural divisions, as well as representatives of the authorities, the department of economic development and business structures.

Darya Kadatskaya, head of the educational department of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov:

“Schedule of the day: artificial intelligence and betting on master classes. In the morning, laboratories were held: for each participant, depending on their role in the team and test selection. Recorded them on the recommendation of artificial intelligence. In the afternoon - master classes. They got through the auction.

Points for 5 days were allocated to participants in personal accounts. It was necessary to allocate funds and make three bets on a particular master class. Only the next day it became known which course the bet had played on.

After the master classes, group work with the team took place, which, for me personally, was the most difficult on Ostrov. In one room there were immediately 8 teams. We sat on chairs in a semicircle in conditions of “white noise”, a stressful, uncertain atmosphere, which at the same time helped to generate innovative ideas.

Group work was followed by visionary lectures with the participation of famous politicians and businessmen. We selected them in random order of our own free will.

The day ended with cultural events: performances, concerts.
Tasks and motivation. During each event, in the personal account, participants performed certain actions: checked their presence, left reflection, noted mastered competencies, left a digital trace in the form of lecture notes with conclusions. The digital footprint depended on the quantity and quality of the materials provided.

In between master classes, our team participated in the GTR-Space game.
And, of course, green cards are the bonus system of “Ostrov 10-22”. They were received for participating in events, high-quality notes, and successful defense of the project. The more green cards, the higher the team rating.

University transformation project. The team was faced with the task of developing a roadmap for the transformation of the university. The traditional education system is going through its last days. Innovations and artificial intelligence, a new rhythm of society, globalization have become a source for the transformation of familiar processes. Universities should prepare personnel based on an individual approach to education.

Entering the university, applicants already have a certain portfolio or digital footprint that indicates the desired trajectory of their further development. The student has the right to independently determine what and how he would like to teach: in the audience with a teacher or online, to participate in the creation and implementation of the project from real enterprises. Such a concept formed the basis of our roadmap for shaping the image of the university of the future.

About joint projects. At Ostrov 10-22, I worked on several projects. At the university’s digital transformation laboratory, we prepared a joint project with TUSUR, Omsk State Technical University and PetrSU under the leadership of Brendan Aldrich, data director at California State University and Joseph Moru, vice-rector for technology at Foothill & De Anza College.

U2BSkills is a single platform on which real cases from employers are placed. Case decisions are worked out in certain disciplines. According to the results, employers get ready-made solutions for business, and students increase professional competencies and determine the further development path, while attracting future employers.

"Boiling point"  project of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov. Our project was dedicated to the implementation of the university boiling point - a space filled with thematic meanings and allowing students to go beyond the usual educational process. Become creators.

The “boiling point” will become a place at the university where master classes, intensives, accelerators, speed dating, trainings, various events will be organized with the involvement of university communities, business partners and authorities. Such a consortium will allow students to determine their individual development path and a set of new professional competencies, and increase their resource potential.

In an extreme case, you can just come here and have a good time, find like-minded people, make new acquaintances and connections that will grow into new projects. ”

Student opinion.

Mikhail Moiseev, participant in the intensiveness, chairman of the joint council of students BSTU named after  V.G. Shukhov:

“At the educational intensity, as I discovered for myself, there were 3 tasks.

First, develop your own competencies, that is, those skills that you lack. To do this, we could attend any interesting workshop.

Secondly, to create new connections, conclude agreements with other universities and find partners. In addition to universities, representatives of business came to Ostrov 10-22, with whom it was possible to agree on further cooperation.

Thirdly, to develop a project for the transformation of the university, where the student will not be an object of education, but a subject. Where he himself will build a learning path for himself.

Our team was busy for days, sleeping 3-4 hours. Each day ended with a huge amount of new knowledge. We returned from Ostrov at about 11 pm and did our homework: all the conclusions that we made during the day were uploaded to the site. We also had group classes, where we prescribed a project for the transformation of the university.

For myself, I noted that, unfortunately, students nowadays, having access to huge amounts of information, know very little about their capabilities. Therefore, I consider it my main task in the near future to expand knowledge about this. "





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