Nigeria won

Every year, the Friendship Cup, a mini-football tournament among foreign students, is held at the regional university. It is organized by the department for work with foreign students of the Center international educational and cooperation .

This time eight teams from Angola, Afghanistan, Cameroon, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Ecuador and Ghana competed for the cup.

Participants were divided into two groups of four teams. Two strongest teams came out of each group, which then played the semifinals, the final and the match for third place.

In the first semi-final met Nigeria and Cameroon. Victory won Nigeria. In the second semifinal, Ghana beat Angola, last year's cup champion. In the match for third place Angola won a landslide victory over Cameroon.


The final was interesting. The main time of the game in Nigeria and Ghana ended with a score of 2-2. Everything was decided by a series of penalty shootouts in which success was on the side of Nigeria. Ghana ranked second in the competition for the second year in a row.

As a result, the top three winners of the Friendship Cup are as follows:

1st place - Nigeria

2 place - Ghana

3rd place - Angola

The awards to foreign students were presented personally by the university rector Sergey Glagolev and the president of the university Anatoly Gridchin.


“The tournament starts in 2012, where, as in 2019, the Nigerian team became the winner,” notes Sergey Glagolev. - From year to year the Friendship Cup enjoys great interest among students. This is an opportunity not only to show football skills, but also to defend the honor of their state, to spend time actively and usefully, as well as a chance to get into the university football team. ”

The best goalkeeper of the tournament was Arminde Betatel from Angola. The best player is Frimpong Boris from Ghana, and the best striker is Izekwele Ikechukwu Solomon from Nigeria.

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