Students proposed a project for the reconstruction of educational building № 4

The end of the school year is the time to protect graduation qualification works of specialists, bachelors and masters. This year, 24% of graduates of the regional university received red diplomas, and about half of the students defended their final qualifying works as “excellent”. One of such works is the project of reconstruction of educational building №4.
Maria Budko, Yulia Isakova and Anastasia Shikareva complete the fourth course at the department of examination and property management. When choosing the topic of the thesis, the girls decided to move away from the usual and standard formats, took up a complex idea.
They have developed an investment and construction project for the reconstruction and operation of the educational building No. 4 of the BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov, known among students as a mechanized corps.

Under the guidance of graduate leaders - Vice-Rector for Cultural, Educational and Social Work Irina Avilova, Deputy Director for Research AI, Alexander Dolzhenko and Head of the Department of Real Estate Expertise and Management Andrei Naumov - students developed architecture, design, economic, environmental, management and conducted an examination of the projected corps.

The main goal of the project is the optimization and reorganization of the academic building No. 4, the elaboration of effective architectural and design solutions in cramped conditions, the increase in the values ​​of the university’s performance indicators.

As a result of the project’s implementation, it is expected to expand the exploited area and increase the seating capacity for students, improve and change the constructive, aesthetic and functional properties of the facility, start up the functioning of co-working spaces, increase university incomes due to the representative functions of the highly innovative component of education student activities.

As the students themselves say, the appearance of the projected building is a reference to the work of the great engineer Vladimir G.  Shukhov, whose name the university bears.
“The investment and construction project for the reconstruction and operation of educational building No. 4 has been developed conceptually. The task of the project is to determine the social effect of commissioning. Emphasis is placed on glass mesh fencing as a university brand and a reference to Shukhov's works, as well as functional room zoning, adding co-working spaces, elaboration of architecture and foundations, the mutual influence of a building under construction on an existing one.

Such work is a rarity for our department. It is laborious and differs significantly from the usual work. For example, which only cost to scan the drawings of the mechanical body in 1980, upload them to the "Archicad" and restore in full volume.

I had to work out different aspects. It’s good that we worked together and were able to fully accomplish the maximum work in such a short period of time, ”say the project developers.

The defense of the thesis was attended by university rector Sergey Glagolev, director of the Institute of Civil Engineering Valery Uvarov, head of the department of examination and real estate management Andrei Naumov, the teaching staff of the department and junior students.


After the defense, Sergey Glagolev noted the innovative and conceptual nature of the project, thanked the students for their diligence and hard work:

“Before you were the guys who were taken for the reconstruction of university but this is the first time I see such work. Everything is clear, interesting. I like the idea, done a great job. We can connect other institutions, finalize some points and implement the project in the future. ”

According to the results of the defense, Maria Budko, Yuliya Isakova and Anastasiya Shikareva received “excellent” for the prepared draft final qualifying work.

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