Graduates of the department of mechanical equipment got diplomas

At BSTU named after  V.G. Shukhov began graduation time. Examinations are passed, diploma works are protected.  One of the first diplomas of higher education was received by students of the department of mechanical equipment of the Institute of technological equipment and mechanical engineering.

This year, the department has released more than 50 to ten qualified engineers. Red diplomas were awarded to Roman Zybin, Valeria Petrenko, Vasily Balabanov, Alexey Gavshin and Ilya Skitov.


“Dear graduates,today you have completed a huge segment of your life. Now you are graduates. It so happened that year after year, graduates of your department occupy leading positions in our region: they manage large-scale industries, work in the administration of the city and region, and become teachers in our university. I believe that an equally successful future awaits you. Never forget university and student years. Good luck in all your endeavors. Have a good trip, ”First Vice-Rector Yevgeny Yevtushenko congratulated the guys.


On behalf of the graduates, the student of the MO-41 group Valeria Petrenko addressed the teachers and the leadership of the university: “Four years flew for us like one instant. We don’t hide that at times it was hard, but thanks to that we became closer. We cried and laughed together, made friends, studied, helped each other. At this solemn and sad moment, I really want to say thanks to all fellow students and, most importantly, to our dear teachers. For you, we are another issue on a long professional journey, but you are the only ones for us. We sincerely thank you for your care and kindness, invaluable work, patience and unshakable faith. You gave us the most important gift - the knowledge with which we will go through life. "

At the graduation, talented and active students were awarded certificates of appreciation for their contribution to the development of cultural, scientific, sports life of the department and the university. All graduates became owners of souvenirs with the symbols of the institute








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