13 team took part at karting marathon of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov,

Last weekend at the Virazh ASC were quick and bright - on the open track amateur karting competitions were held with the assistance of the engineering and racing team of the supporting university Shukhov Racing Team.
The opening was attended by the Deputy Governor of the Belgorod Region - Head of the Department of Construction and Transport. “Teams of subordinate institutions participate in competitions for the 4th year. It's nice to see that the geography of the participants is expanding: St. Petersburg, Kursk, Orel. Good luck to everyone, a fair and interesting struggle, a fair wind, ”Yevgeny Glagolev told the participants.


“Every year on the territory of the Belgorod region technical sports are becoming more and more developed. In the core university, students not only participate in competitions, but also design, manufacture and operate various racing cars themselves. This gives them not only physical training, but also prepares them professionally, as future engineers, technologists, production managers, ”commented Vladimir Borisovskiy, Vice-Rector for Security of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov.


According to the rules, national teams of organizations and enterprises, as well as educational institutions with experience in participating in karting competitions, were allowed to compete. Competitions were held only in the team event. Each team had a manager who assisted pilots in changing karts.

13 teams participated: Drive (Department of Construction and Transport of the Belgorod Region), BZRACE (VDM Finance), Drawing (Belgorodoblproekt), Strizhi (Belgorod Regional IZhS Support Fund), Sport Reserves (Belgorod Administration) , “Technolog-1” and “Technolog-2” (BGTU named after VG Shukhov), prefabricated departments of road facilities and transport of the Belgorod region and the UKS of the region, “GUTID” (St. Petersburg State University of Industrial Technology and Design), Skoda, teams of OGU named after .S. Turgenev and SWSU.
The teams were divided into two groups, "A" and "B", depending on the weight categories. Each overcame a distance of 100 laps. The winner of the team of group "A" at the end of the competition went to the cup and the main victory.
According to the results of the races, the places were distributed as follows:

group "A":

I place - "GUPTID", time of passage - 2:12:38;

II place - “Skoda”, time of passage - 2:12:56;

III place - “WDM Finance”, passage time - 2:13:18;

group "B":

I place - "Technologist-2", time of passage - 1:10:38;

II place - UKS of the Belgorod region, passage time - 1:11:03;

III place - management of road facilities and transport of the Belgorod region, the passage time - 1:11:05.






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