Prom for the preparatory faculty’s foreign citizens

At the flagship  university was a prom for students of the preparatory faculty for foreign citizens . This year more than 200 young people from different countries of the world became its graduates.

The teachers of the faculty prepared for the children a presentation about their stay at BSTU Boys and girls remembered getting acquainted with the city and the university, learning Russian, participating in educational and cultural events, making friends and having fun.


Graduates and faculty members congratulated the dean of the Preparation faculty of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov Elena Lёgochkina. She noted the great contribution of teachers in the education of students and wished future students success in the upcoming exams and good luck in their further education.


As a sign of gratitude, the guys handed flowers and gifts to the mentors.

A student from Mali, Dirrama Suleiman, addressed the audience on behalf of the graduates: “I came to Belgorod to fulfill my dream and become a good specialist. This university gives us all the opportunities to learn and receive high-quality knowledge.

On behalf of all students of the preparatory faculty of our dean and our teachers, I thank you for the fact that during this academic year you were always with us. It was you who gave us advice and courage to learn well. I also want to say a big thank you to my comrades. I wish you all good luck on your exams. ”

In the final of the meeting there was a solemn rewarding of participants of scientific conferences and winners of the Olympiads.



At the last call announced the list of the best graduates of the faculty. More than 20 talented children received commemorative certificates, which during the year showed excellent results in their studies, participated in the scientific and social life of the university. Within a few months, they will become students of BSTU named after  V.G. Shukhov.

The rest of the students of the faculty will soon have to pass final examinations in the Russian language and specialized subjects. The best of them will continue their studies in the basic university of the region in the new academic year.

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