Great Victory Day

In honor of the 74th anniversary of the Great Victory the campus of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov turned into celebratory festivities.


May 9th is a day of our pride, our greatness, courage and courage. Day of our memory. In Russia, this holiday is traditionally considered one of the most important in the year. It is solemnly celebrated in all cities of the country.
On the eve of Victory Day, thematic meetings, exhibitions, and creative events were held at the base of the regional university. The most mass celebrations unfolded on May 7 in the open area of ​​the Student Palace of Culture.
The theatrical rally “Our Great Victory” gathered under the open sky veterans of the Great Patriotic War and rear, army veterans, participants of local armed conflicts, leaders of public organizations, administration, teachers and students of the university.


The beginning of the rally was marked by the ceremonial introduction of the State Flag of the Russian Federation, the Victory Banner and the university flag to the square to the accompaniment of the BelUI orchestra of the Russian Interior Ministry. I.D. Putilin. From the stage, all those present were congratulated on the holiday by the rector of the regional university, Professor Sergey Glagolev: “Today, through the years, we realize the greatness of the Soviet people. We remember those heroes who were able to defeat and crush the enemy. The Great Patriotic War affected every family and every home. Men, women and children, overcoming pain, hunger and loss, sought the freedom of our state and the whole world.

74 years have passed since those terrible events, but we must never forget this lesson. We must remember all the pain and suffering that war brings, and the heroism that our people committed. Our duty is to preserve the truth about the most massive war in the history of mankind, carry it through the years and centuries, pass it on to our descendants.


Dear veterans are not enough words to describe the pride that we feel for you. You are the main heroes of World War II. Your exploits, your efforts and your faith allowed you to defeat the enemy. Your courage and your resilience are something that we will always admire. ”

On this day, words of sincere gratitude were repeatedly addressed to those who defended the freedom and honor of the Motherland at the cost of their lives. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War were presented with flowers and gifts. On stage, the vocal studio "Music of Happiness" performed "Katyusha". The faculty studio and the pop dance ensemble Premiere performed with creative performances in front of the guests.

During the rally, students and fighters and student detachments laid flowers at the monument to their countryman, Army General Nikolai Fyodorovich Vatutin and the tomb of an unknown pilot.

Then everyone took part in the celebratory festivities "Victory May!", Which took place on the university square.



Vocal and choreographic groups of the university sang songs and dances of the war years. The military-patriotic club DOSAAF demonstrated its demonstration performances. Worked points with soldier's porridge, sports competitions in table tennis, chess and armwrestling. In addition, the guests familiarized themselves with military weapons at the exhibition.

The festive marathon will be completed with a student evening dedicated to the celebration of the 74th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. It will begin at 5:00 pm at the art site opposite the university building. In the program of the evening: a festive concert “We Remember”, a thematic photo exhibition and a show of military films.

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