Shukhov team Won in Grant Competitions of the Innovation Promotion Fund

Students, graduate students and young scientists have filed more than a hundred applications for grant competitions of the Foundation: "UMNIK", "Technocrat" and others. In April, the expert committee summed up the results. Among the winners are 11 young scientists and graduate students of the flagship university .
Projects of Shukhov team received funding in the amount of 500 000 rubles. Note that the young scientists of BSTU named after V.G. In 2019, Shukhov team received RUR 5,500,000 for research and development.

We publish the names of the winners that the university is proud of.

Program "UMNIK":

- Svetlana Bondarenko with the project “Development of an effective integrated binder used in strengthening the soil of transport facilities”;

- Alexander Polyakov with the project "Development of a hardware-software complex, automated detection of defects of roofs of buildings and structures for use in construction";

- Vitaly Prakhov with the project “Development of a ground control station for unmanned aerial vehicles with neural network vision”;

- Dmitry Prokopishin with the project "Development of an active filter-compensating device for power supply systems for individual housing construction";

- Nikolay Simonov with the project “Development of a resource-efficient wall panel based on plastic-tube concrete for use in individual residential construction”;

- Maxim Schendrygin with the project “Development of a visitor recognition system in low-quality images in order to obtain statistics on site visits”.

Technocrat program:

- Nikita Bogdanov with the project “Development of a vibratory mill with directional vibrations for grinding fine materials”;

- Evgeny Zhilin with the project “Development of a method for the optimization of electricity losses in power supply systems”;

- Igor Martakov with the project "Development of a technological module for mixing man-made composite mixtures using additive technologies."

The program "UMNIK Technet":

- Ivan Odobesko with the project “Development of an additive technology for producing small architectural forms for individual projects in a single production based on an anthropomorphic robot”.

The program "UMNIK Avtonet":

- Anastasia Shevtsova with the project “Development of a hardware complex for controlling a traffic light object for organizing traffic”.

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