Innovations and breakthrough technologies discussed at the flagship university

BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov hosted a meeting of the interdepartmental working group “Advanced Production Technologies” of the Council for Innovative Technological Development of the Belgorod Region. The main topic of the meeting was the tasks and prospects of technology transfer, regional and federal experience.

The first at the meeting was Yana Tarasova, Deputy Head of the Department of Economic Development of the Belgorod Region - Head of the Investment and Innovation Department. She cited relevant statistics for the region: “The level of innovative activity in the Belgorod region is now 14.8%, that is, of the total number of organizations in the region, only 15% are engaged in innovative development or innovative activity. The average level of innovation development in the Russian Federation is 8.5%, but in the Central Federal District a little more - about 10%. In terms of activity, our region is in 6th place in Russia.


The main volume of innovative products accounted for the industry - this is almost 98%. About 2% is agricultural, less than 1% is services.

If we take the innovative development in the context of municipalities, then it happens unevenly in our country due to the different development of the economy in municipalities. Of the 22 districts on the territory of 12, innovative products are produced. The innovation trio traditionally includes Gubkin, Stary Oskol and Shebekino. ”

Evgeny Evtushenko, the first vice-rector of the BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov had a speech . He told the participants of the interdepartmental group about the future of the SRC “Innovative solutions in the agro-industrial complex”, which will appear in the Belgorod region, as well as about the creation of an agrotechnological engineering center with it. The support university already has experience in launching successfully functioning engineering centers, and therefore a similar one will be created at the SRC.


“To provide the technologies that Agro-Belogorye, Prioskolye, Premix Plant are engaged in, we need the appropriate engineering support. Therefore, we propose the creation of such an inter-university center, - comments Yevgeny Yevtushenko. - Each of the aspects of the work of this center should be considered for us. That is, the same engineering center can be created in the field of engineering. The same areas of work can be implemented in any other area. ”

Konstantin Teterin, General Director of Razvitie Corporation, shared his views on the development of the innovation environment of the Belgorod Region. The corporation has been successfully working for a year with young startups, and this experience suggests that it is possible to implement projects with a similar approach in the Russian economy.

“But what hinders the development of innovations in our country, unlike in foreign countries, is the lack of an innovative culture, the desire to do everything ourselves and the lack of interest of the first person,” said Konstantin Teterin.

In his speech, the general director of JSC Development, JSC also focused on the fact that in Russia it is difficult for small startups: their technologies and approaches are often bought by large corporations and are being implemented.

Evgeny Gogol, the regional representative of the Foundation, spoke about measures to support scientific, technical and innovation activity of enterprises in the region within the framework of the programs of the Innovation Promotion Fund. They touched upon the meeting of the interdepartmental group and interaction with universities. Tatiana Davydenko, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, of BSTU, made a report on the possibilities of introducing a system for monitoring the effectiveness of the interaction of regional enterprises with organizations of higher education.

Note that this is the first meeting of the interdepartmental group in 2019.

The working group was established to work out projects together with the real sector of the economy and educational institutions in the region, to identify and assist in the development of scientific breakthroughs.

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