The project of BSTU is a winner of the Skolkovo fund

Competition Open Innovations Startup Tour "Digital Region" was held in Lipetsk. The project of the flagship university of the Belgorod region took the third place in the cluster “Industrial and energy technologies”.

The development for the creation of a modular construction 3d-printer was represented by the project manager, director of a small innovative enterprise at the BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov, Ph.D. Alexander Babaevsky and students - Alexey Gavshin and Alexey Khanzarov.

“Preparation for the All-Russian Startup Tour competition was long and tense. Our project has a long history. There is still a lot of work ahead. It is important how we are able to unite in front of a single goal and work on the result. This is an indicator of a strong team. Particularly gratifying is the younger generation of Shukhov team, who with full dedication joined the work. Very promising guys. This instills confidence in the continued success of the project, ”said project leader Alexander Babaevsky.


The project of Shukhov team is presented as a comprehensive solution to support additive construction technology: a modular machine design for three-dimensional printing of wall structures, an adaptive control system for the machine and, directly, a high-strength composite binder, through which printing is carried out. The use of industrial 3d-printer will significantly reduce the time of construction of buildings and structures of any size.

“We offer a new solution, which has no analogues yet. Houses built with our 3d printer will cost less. To scale the project, an investment of 150 million rubles is needed. I note that colleagues from China and South Korea are interested in our development, but we prefer to introduce additive construction technologies in our country, ”said Alexey Gavshin, prize-winner of the Startup Tour competition, a student of the mechanical equipment department.

Binder for construction 3d-printer supplies a small innovative enterprise BSTU. V.G. Shukhov "Composite". Last year, the project on the development of eco-building materials was awarded the silver medal of the Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies "Archimedes". And now he has a new success.

“The main award is an invitation to become a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation. The expert jury highly appreciated our unique solutions, ”said Alexander Babayevsky.

It should be noted that the jury appreciated the constructive solution of the Shukhov workers, emphasizing that this development is superior to the existing solutions of competitors, already current residents of Skolkovo, in terms of quality development.

Reference. Startup Tour is an all-Russian project of the Moscow Skolkovo Foundation. Mentors and speakers travel through the cities of Russia and the CIS, hold project competitions and support the best. This year the conference is held in ten regions of Russia.

In total, 182 applications were submitted to the competition of the Startup Tour All-Russian Conference in Lipetsk, of which nine were winners and prize-winners in the fields of industrial and energy technologies, biotechnologies in medicine and agriculture, and IT technologies. The developers of these projects were awarded certificates for participation in the international conference Startup Village. The forum will be held at the end of May in Moscow.

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