Shukhov team returned from the School of the leaders of the headquarters of student groups

School participants were representatives of educational organizations of the Central Federal District. Among them are two students of the base university of the Belgorod region, as well as the chief of staff of the student headquarters "Technologist" Oleg Gorshkov.

The main goal of the School is to prepare competent personnel for work in educational institutions. The participants were told about how to attract young people to student groups and to work correctly with the staff of universities. For the fighters were held lectures, master classes, management fights. Students trained in developing strategies for interacting with university management and defended their own projects.


BSTU named after  V.G. Shukhov at the district school presented two students of the department of construction and municipal services - Artem Lutchenko and Dmitry Danilov.

“School has become a real discovery for me. Coaches in their lectures gave me answers to many questions. This school is worth going through to anyone who wants to determine their role in a team and learn how to interact with people, ”said Dmitry Danilov. He is the spokesman for the headquarters of student construction brigades.

Note that the Shukhovs at the School were not only among the participants. As a guest speaker, Oleg Gorshkov, Chief of Staff of the BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov gave a lecture with lecture. He told the fighters about labor protection and industrial safety in student groups.

“The district schools of Russian student groups this year celebrated 5 years. During this time, the program was repeatedly processed: themes were added, the number of necessary competencies for the heads of student teams of educational organizations increased. I hope that each participant has learned for himself not just new, but practically realizable things. We, as coaches, conducted a dialogue with them in an accessible language and tried to give our own maximum experience and modern solutions in the management of headquarters. In any case, there is a lot of work ahead and a lot of work ahead, there is room for implementation, ”Oleg Gorshkov shared his assessment of the school.

As a result of classes, all participants passed the exit test. Representatives of the headquarters of the . student headquarters  of the supporting university of the region were among those who confirmed their qualifications and received admission to work at the headquarters of the Russion students headquaters student groups.

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