Leica Geosystems Workshop held at the flagship university

The main theme was “Modern practice of instrumental measurements in construction surveys. Deformation monitoring of building structures and structures ".

Moscow company Hexagon together with BSTU named after  V. G. Shukhov conducted a training seminar for university students, specialists of construction and road companies, cadastral engineers, surveyors, mechanics, chief engineers, project managers and construction organizations.


A rich program of the seminar included lectures by well-known Moscow and Belgorod experts in the field of construction and design. Master classes were organized for the participants, and a demonstration of modern geodetic and spatial measuring equipment was held.

The vice rector for educational activities of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov Vladimir Polyakov:

“Such events are held for the real sector of the economy. We hope that our students will get useful contacts today. On behalf of the whole university, I wish you useful work so that the time spent at the seminar gives rise to professionalism. Let your competence increase, and the field of knowledge will become wider. "

Sergey Matukhnov, GNSS product manager at Hexagon company, spoke about modern approaches to solving problems of geodetic monitoring of deformations. He introduced the Leica GS18 satellite receiver, noted the uniqueness of satellite measurements of this device from any angle. The second report by Sergey Matukhnov included information about automated monitoring in civil engineering and monitoring of deformations using robotic total stations, GNSS receivers, inclinometers and digital levels.

An employee of the regional connection center of the Hexagon SmartNet network, Yulia Yudenkova, told about the high-precision satellite coordination and development of the Leica SmartNet satellite network station in Russia and the Belgorod region. For the workshop participants, Julia conducted a master class on setting up the rover to receive the RTK-amendment from the station of  BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov.


Valery Dolzhenko, a staff member at the university, spoke about the possibilities and advantages of the Disto 810 touch laser rangefinder with measuring photo distances, demonstrated the work done by university specialists and students, including examining the buildings, the hall of the Palace of Culture and other Technologist objects. He showed the levels available at the university, laser roulettes, reflectors and other equipment that students use in practical exercises, and university staff to conduct research.

Alexey Nikolotov, an engineer at Hexagon Geosystems, spoke about solving production problems with the help of robotic scanning total stations and laser scanners from Leica Geosystems. He gave examples of projects implemented in Russia in 2018 using Leica MS60 and Leica RTC360 equipment. Alexey also spoke about the use of a laser scanner in the manufacture of Leica MS50 building expertise.

An employee of the Belorussian State Technical University namedafter  V.G. Shukhov Yevgeny Shin. He explained how using a quadrocopter to take pictures of objects, as far as it improves the efficiency and accuracy of the work performed.

The participants of Leica Geosystems seminar shared their impressions:

"Everything went perfectly. It was interesting: a lot of new equipment, technology. About some hear for the first time, we will introduce. I am also pleased with the useful acquaintances that, I am sure, will lead to further successful cooperation, ”says entrepreneur Efim Krayushkin.

“I, as a future engineer, but for now a“ Technologist ”student, it was extremely informative to listen to specialists of this magnitude. Now you need to put everything in your head on the shelves. A lot of new information, the future does not stand still, you need to learn and comply, "- said the student BSTU named after  V.G. Shukhov Maxim Bezmenov.

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