The Energon Group of Companies sponsored two engineering and racing teams of the BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov SRT Baja and SRT Driverless

The company Energon-Electro LLC has become a sponsor of two young engineering and racing teams of the BSTU named after  V.G. Shukhov - SRT Baja (student engineering and racing team for the creation of off-road cars of the type of “buggy” class Baja SAE) and SRT Driverless (student engineering and racing team for the creation of unmanned racing type-type electric balloons) that appeared in 2017 and 2018 year in the "Technology" after the division SHUKHOV RACING TEAM.

The sponsor provided the team with DELTA batteries for installation on team cars, as well as for additional necessary options. CT 1204 batteries will be installed in the telemetry system, as well as to power the optical sensors crossing the control zone during the training of pilots of teams on the track. The SRT Driverless team will use Red Energy RE 12-20 rechargeable batteries for the backup electrobolide launch system, and they will also be installed on the track tracking car. A part of the sponsor batteries will be used in the electrobridge low-current system. To test the SRT driverless electric motor, the team prepares a test bench where CT 12201 batteries will be installed.

This season the SRT Driverless team will take part for the first time with its first electrolide in international competitions Formula SAE Italy 2019 (Italy, 24-28.07.2019) and Formula Student Czech Republic 2019 (Czech Republic, 12-16.08.2019), and in October the SRT team Baja will take part in international competitions Baja Russia 2019 with his new car.

Information about the sponsor:

Energon Group of Companies is a leading supplier of rechargeable batteries for uninterruptible power supplies. The company has been providing services since 1998. A wide branch network is represented in 13 cities of the Russian Federation. The product portfolio includes 6 brands of lead-acid batteries: DELTA, YUASA, HOPPECKE, Vostok, Security Force and Optimus. Batteries are widely used in the fields of communications and telecommunications, fire and security systems, security systems and access control, solar and wind power, uninterrupted power supply, motorcycles and other fields.

More than 1000 successfully implemented projects in socially significant sectors of the Russian economy. Among the customers are the largest Russian companies: Megafon, Rostelecom, PJSC Gazprom, PJSC NK Rosneft, Auchan, Moscow Metro, IKEA, Metropolis SEC. Among the socially significant objects are the Olympic facility, the Spartak stadium in Sochi, the maternity hospital in Novorossiysk and others.

Products are fully certified in the Russian Federation. Rechargeable batteries are provided with certificates of UL, IEC, GOST R, certificate of type approval of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, as well as warranty obligations from the manufacturer.

DELTA - industrial batteries, presented on the Russian market since 2001. Rechargeable batteries are optimized for various sectors of the economy: from telecommunications and communication systems to uninterruptible power supplies and photographic equipment.

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