Miner’s Day - 2019 at BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov

At the solemn meeting, teachers and colleagues were grateful, discussed the development and relevance of the specialty, and then played mini-football.

The guests were the first vice-rector of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov, Professor Evgeny Ivanovich Evtushenko, Head of the Department of Mechanical Equipment, Professor Vasily Stepanovich Bogdanov, Professor Yuri Mikhailovich Fadin from the Director of IME, as well as the Professor of Mining in the BSTU. Named after V.G. Shukhov, students, graduates and representatives of industrial enterprises of the mining complex.


At the ceremonial meeting, the first vice-rector Yevgeny Yevtushenko spoke about the importance of the specialty "Mining machines and equipment". He presented the gratitude for the contribution to the development and quality training of mining engineers to the teachers of the mechanical equipment departments, as well as to the state examination boards, which for many years have helped to evaluate final qualifying works.


Representatives of the Podolsk Metallurgical Plant, INKOM-Tekhnika LLC, Belgorod Cement CJSC and not only.

The head of the section "Mining", associate professor Viktor Grigorievich Dmitrienko, who spoke on the development of the specialty "Mining", specialization "Mining machines and equipment" in BSTU. V.G. Shukhov. In particular, he said that the specialty was created in 2006 on the initiative of the governor of the Belgorod Region Yevgeny Stepanovich and the rector Anatoly Mitrofanovich Gridchin. Over the past seven years, 90 specialists have graduated here.

Students are engaged in science. Student education at the University of the All-Russian Olympiad in the specialty "Mechanical Engineering" at St. Petersburg Mining University.

After the official part, the guests were waited by a round table on the topic “Interaction of the department“ Mechanical equipment ”with the mining enterprises of the Belgorod region in the sphere of training specialists and introducing innovative scientific and technical developers”. Then the holiday turned into an informal atmosphere. Students played against teachers in a traditional football tournament. After the game, all participants received personalized gifts with the symbols of the supporting university.

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