A delegation from the Serbian Vranje evaluated the scientific and innovative potential of the university

For many years, the flagship  university of the Belgorod Region has been conducting international cooperation with various countries, including the Republic of Serbia. Every year, students have the opportunity to receive education in Serbian educational institutions under student exchange programs, acquiring not only new knowledge, but also invaluable experience.

The sixth of February for joint activities, the conclusion of a cooperation agreement and as an introductory visit to BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov was visited by a delegation from the partner town of Vranje, which included students of the Bora Stankovic gymnasium headed by its director Suzanna Mišić-Stanković. According to the established tradition, foreign guests laid flowers at the monument to engineer V.G .Shukhov, whose name has been university for 15 years.



In the meeting room of the Academic Council, a meeting was held with representatives of the university administration and university management. The guests were welcomed by Irina Avilova, Vice-Rector for Cultural, Educational and Social Work: “Relations BSTU. V.G. Shukhov with the Republic of Serbia is difficult to overestimate, since the cooperation has been going on for many years. We are waiting for all those present to us for further training, in “Technologist” you will receive first-class knowledge, a huge baggage of social life experience and good, true friends! ”.


At the meeting, the guests learned about the university, its institutes and areas of training, as well as about the innovative potential and technical equipment of the university. The event ended with the signing of an agreement on mutually beneficial cooperation in order to realize common interests in the field of education, science, and project activities.


Guests were given a tour of the campus of the university. The delegation visited the Center for High Technologies, the museum and exhibition complex, the auditoriums of the architectural environment design department, the science and technology library, the sports complex, as well as the unique quest room of Shukhov. Guests admitted that they were impressed with the size of the campus and the equipment of the university.




The visit of the delegation will last until February 13. The program of events is scheduled to visit the sights of Belgorod, tours of the Belgorod region and cultural events, some of which will be held on the basis of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov.

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