Technolog – Spartak - the winner of the tournament in memory of Vladimir Kabanov

Flagship  university  BSTU named after V.G.Shukhov held a handball championship among the men's teams in the Belgorod Region, dedicated to the memory of Vladimir Kabanov, Master of Sports of the USSR. These competitions have been held for more than twenty years and are the most significant handball in the Belgorod region.

This year six strong teams took part in the competition: Technolog-Spartak, children's and youth handball team Reefs, sports school of the Olympic reserve Spartak (2003), Technolog-Spartak (double), National Research University "BelSU", sports school of the Olympic reserve "Spartak" (born in 2002).

All teams were divided into two subgroups of 3 teams. In the subgroup “A”, following the results of the two meetings held, the maximum number of points was scored by the team “Technolog-Spartak” - 4 points, behind it DYuGK “RIFY” - 2 points, and closes the top three of the CSOR “Spartak” (2003).


In the subgroup "B" the places were distributed as follows: "Technolog-Spartak" (double) - 4 points, SSOR "Spartak" (2002) - 2 points and the third place in the subgroup was taken by the team of the National Research University "BelSU".

Thus, in the final series of games for the prize third place, the players of the team Sportak Spartak (born 2002) and the DYuGK Reefs fought, who were stronger and finished the match with a score of 27:19, while winning bronze medals .

“The match for the first place caused the greatest interest of the audience and was very tense. In the struggle for "gold", the youth squad of "Technolog-Spartak" (double) was not ready to concede to more experienced rivals from the main team "Technolog-Spartak". Demonstrating their sportsmanship, the leaders of both Belgorod teams fought for each ball, but as a result, the highest level on the podium was occupied by a more experienced team serving in the All-Russian competitions in handball among men's teams of the highest league - "Technolog-Spartak", "the department head shared his impressions physical education and sports of high school, professor Sergey Kramskoy.

According to the results of the championship of the Belgorod region in handball, among the men's teams dedicated to the memory of Vladimir Kabanov, "Master of Sports of the USSR", the places were distributed as follows:

- 1st place - “Spartak Technolog”,

- 2nd place - “Spartak Technolog” (double),

- 3rd place - children's and youth handball team "Reefs",

- 4th place - sports school of the Olympic reserve "Spartak" (born in 2002),

- 5th place - sports school of the Olympic reserve "Spartak" (born in 2003),

- 6th place - National Research University "BelSU".

Note: Vladimir Alekseevich Kabanov was a player of the national team of the RSFSR in handball, thanks to his achievements, the “handball” gained a dynamic development and gained popularity in the Belgorod region. Vladimir Kabanov acted as a goalkeeper, so the most important individual tournament award was presented to Ilya Annenko, player of the team “Technolog-Spartak” (double).

Among the best players of the championship: Igor Neklyudov, Konstantin Vinokur, Nikita Zadorozhny, Dmitry Simonov.

In addition, the best players in each team were awarded memorable prizes. Prizes established trade union BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov.

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