The team of the university in Football Innovation was awarded in three nominations

For the first time in Russia, the international intellectual strategic business game Innobol was held in Belgorod's “Boiling Point”.

The “Football of Innovations” method was invented and developed by a UN business consultant, the creator of the virtual space for accelerated training of venture entrepreneurs, innovators Ten3 Business e-Coach, the founder of the global virtual venture valley, Vadim Kotelnikov. Companies are developing in more than 130 countries around the world: ABB, Adidas, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NASA, Nokia, Samsung and others. The ability to create breakthrough innovations is the key idea of ​​Innobol.


“We help people to open up with a creative and entrepreneurial side. Every person has a lot of potential. When I visited Silicon Valley, I had the idea to create a virtual venture capital valley. The holding of intellectual competitions “Innobol” was picked up by innovators and businessmen of India, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore, ”said Vadim Kotelnikov.


In Russia, the international project Innobol was launched in Belgorod. The subject of intellectual contests is “Belgorod - the leaders of the Russian digital economy”. In the first part of the business game, three teams from the BSTU named after VG Shukhov and one team from the National Research University "BelSU" presented their vision of the innovative Belgorod. The organizers made it clear to the participants that this is not a project for the sake of the project. Teams should also be able to quickly respond to economic challenges and restructure themselves.

The coordinator of the Shukhov Motors team at the BSTU named after VG Shukhov, a graduate student at the Institute of Economics and Management Artyom Berlizev presented the technical concept of unmanned vehicles. A modular electric platform is installed on the chassis of the car, which operates on the basis of unmanned technology. As noted by Artyom Berlizev, the movement of people and goods on unmanned vehicles will be cheaper. At the same time, the ecological situation in cities will improve. Scientists, engineers and students of the engineering and racing team SRT "Driverless" are engaged in the development of unmanned vehicles in BGTU named after V.G. Shukhov.

“The topic of unmanned technology today is quite relevant, there is a global process of automation in the world. This year, Yandex presented the first unmanned taxi in Europe, ”says Artyom Berlizev.

According to the 2nd year student of the Institute of Energy, Information Technologies and Control Systems of the BSTU named after VG Shukhov Vitaly Prakhov, innovative Belgorod is a cultural Belgorod. The guys offered a system of motivation for the behavior of drivers on the roads. For a "dashing" ride, improper parking, or moving to the wrong place, drivers will be deprived of discounts and bonuses for auto insurance. Rating bona fide drivers will be automatically based on data from video cameras installed on the roads.

“Video information is processed by the neural network. The idea for the project gave me friends. I have a lot of foreign friends. When they came to our city, they complained about the bad behavior of drivers on the roads. And our system should correct this situation, increase the attractiveness of Belgorod and safety on the roads, ”says Vitaly Prakhov.

Get a job without leaving home. A team of students from the Institute of Economics and Management, Architectural and Engineering Construction Institute of the BSTU named after VG Shukhov considers its project “Smart woker system” to be in demand. On a special resource, the user passes a psychological and professional test. The system based on the neural network will determine the level of knowledge and skills of a potential candidate in hiring. Recommendations are sent to the director of a company or enterprise.

“Getting a job is a time consuming and lengthy process: you must send a resume, have an interview. The neural network can be retrained and adapted to any person. Our system will speed up the recruitment process and improve the quality of recruitment, ”said Maxim Kondakov, coordinator of the project“ Smart woker system ”, 2nd year student at the Institute of Economics and Management of the BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov.


In the second part of the business game "Innobol", the participants united into one big team and put their decisions into one project - "Belgorod - an innovative city of the future."

“We wanted to show students how to improve the level of their university projects. We will include the development of teams in the roadmap and recommend the implementation of the implementation of the leadership of the Belgorod region, ”said Roman Forman, regional coordinator of the international project.

The intellectual business game was completed by awarding students of the BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov with diplomas for the best team game, for the best presentation and for the best social project.

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