Buggy Technolog-1 became three times the best at international competitions in Moscow

Engineering and racing team of BSTU. Named of V.G. Shukhov - Shukhov Racing Team BAJA (“SRT Baja”) from 27 to 30 November took part in the international competition Baja Russia Statics-2018 and Baja Russia Dynamics-2018.

The event was organized by the Moscow Automobile and Highway State Technical University (MADI). For the first time, competitions of student teams of the “bach” class, based on the experience of more than 40 years of history of the international series “Baja SAE”, were held in Russia.


Teams from Belgorod, Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Bryansk and Cherepovets took part in the competition. The SRT Baja team took part in the competition with its first off-road Buggy-type car called Technolog-1. Not without reason, the Shukhov team  named their buggy as “Technologist” again became the first in three disciplines.

On the first day there were static disciplines in MADI. The SRT Baja team presented a business plan for the further commercialization of their project. A distinctive feature of the performance was the departure from the standards (according to standard requirements, teams must prepare a business plan for mass production of their 1000 “bang” per year), but the Shukhov team went further and presented their virtual reality simulator for racing and pilot training. A unique feature was the introduction of real tracks into the simulator, changing weather conditions and technical characteristics of the car. The judges highly appreciated the presentation of the business plan of the SRT Baja team, putting the maximum number of points. Also on the first day was the so-called "protection of the structure" - a technical presentation. The engineers of the teams told the judges about the design of their cars, about new technical solutions and calculations. The judges liked the performance of the young Belgorod team, as well as the decisions taken by the guys during the creation of their first car.

The organizers took good care of the venue for the races - the dirt track was both challenging and very interesting. Snow has made its own adjustments. The teams competed in the following disciplines: acceleration, climbing the hill, maneuverability and a two-hour endurance race. During the ascent up the mountain, the Shukhovtsy's clutch failed. Repair spent a significant amount of time, because of what the team missed the “maneuverability”, but the team passed the acceleration and endurance race with dignity and successfully finished.

According to the results of the competition, the SRT Baja team won in the nominations “Technical Presentation”, “Business Plan Presentation” and “Overall Score Statics".

“Already, the guys started to design a new off-road-type buggy, which will be called Technolog-2. The guys got tremendous experience and indescribable emotions. We realized that we need to change the design, which should be abandoned, so that the new car was more durable and fast. The presentation of the new machine is scheduled for July 2019, ”said Victoria Saplinova, curator of the engineering and racing team SRT Baja.

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