Basketball players of the White Lions pleased with new victories

 Traditionally, at the beginning of November, the sports complex of the supporting university - BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov - accepts matches of the VTB student league in basketball.

On the second, third and fourth of November the team of BSTU named after. V.G. Shukhov hosted rivals from the Orlovsky State University named after I.S. Turgenev, Volga State Academy of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism (Kazan) and the Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin (Ekaterinburg).


For “White Lions” the matches turned out to be quite difficult, but in total victorious: two victories over the teams of Orel State University and PGFAKSiT. However, the team from Yekaterinburg this time won a victory over the Shukhovs.


The first match of the home tour took place against basketball players from Orel. Equal play lasted for four quarters, but confident teamwork brought victory to the hosts. The final score of the meeting is 68:62 in favor of the White Lions.

The very next day, the third of November, the “Technologist” sportsmen were to meet with the team of the Ural Federal University. This match was left to the rivals - the final score was 66:84 in favor of the UrFU team.


“It’s hard to play two games in a row, they gave all their strength yesterday. I did not see the fighting spirit of the players, they gave them completely free to throw, they lost the cleaned selection. The lack of a team game, lost on individual actions, the game turned one on five. Uralmash scored second chance points several times, these figures influenced the outcome of the meeting, ”commented the match“ White Lions ”team coach Igor Savkin.


And finally, the final match against the team of PGFAKSiT brought victory to the Shukhovsteam. The outcome of the meeting - 63:57. The captain of the “White Lions” VladislavBobrovskikh noted that the previous hard games helped to “get together” and work out the combined actions and other techniques that allow them to win the home tour.

The results of these meetings have improved the position of the White Lions team in the standings of the VTB student league, but ahead are important and difficult matches: on November 9, the Shukhov team will meet with basketball players from Tyumen, and on November 13 and 14 with athletes from Irkutsk.

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