BSTU took part in the All-Russian Engineering Forum

All-Russian Engineering Forum "ENGINFEST" was held on the basis of the Southern Federal University  and took place in Taganrog from 6 to 9th  of September. Students from the Institute of Technological Equipment and Mechanical Engineering of the Belgorod region's core university, Maria Aldushina and Pavel Klevtsov, took part.

The largest festival, on the platforms of which comfortable conditions for professional, creative and social self-realization of students were created, was held in six areas:

- hackathon "Cyber ​​Garden" is a programming marathon in which it is necessary to make a working prototype from a scratch in a certain period from scratch;

- The educational track "School of Entrepreneurship" is aimed at preparing students and graduate students for technological and social entrepreneurship;

- track "Young Professionals" - a platform for the exchange of experience of participants in the World Skills movement, training practical skills and learning new competencies Future Skills;

- Designing the profession of a future engineer with the help of foresight-session tools was waiting for participants on the same direction;

- Digital TRP is a demonstration of developments and exchange of experience among specialists of digital and technical creativity laboratories of SFedU;

- in the track "Competitions in Robotics" took part students BSTU. V.G. Shukhov. The children had to compete in robotics competitions for the title of "the most perfect" in three forms: Sumo, Labyrinth and Colosseum.


"When you see such enthusiastic people, you want to create yourself and inspire others to discover new things. Everyone watched with interest how the members of the hackaton "Cyber ​​Garden" "code" under the palm tree of the university hall day and night. And, importantly, the children have created comfortable conditions for work. Organizers have provided even table lamps and a timely supply of food, since the time of work on the site was regulated. In the hostel, the participants demonstrated robotics and shared the secrets of setting up the facilities. Only with such a positive attitude the science of the future will develop favorably, and young people will start with more diligence to initiate useful projects, "a student of TM-41 Maria Aldushina shared her impressions.

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