Presentation of the book took place in the museum-exhibition complex

On the 12 of September the presentation of a book by member of the Writers' Union of Russia Natalya Podluzhnaya took a place at the club of lovers of Russian literature "Pushkarnaya Sloboda" in the Museum-Exhibition Complex BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov .

Natalia Ivanovna was born and lives in Belgorod. Works in the literary studio "Word" at the Belgorod regional branch of the Writers' Union of Russia. The first book of poetry by the author "Territory of Autumn" was published in Belgorod in 2015. The new collection "Letters with the Rising Moon" includes poems dedicated to various aspects of life, as well as love lyrics.


The main editors of the book were the creative leader of Pushkarnaya Sloboda association, member of the Writers 'Union of Russia and the International PEN Club (Moscow Center) Stanislav Minakov and poet, publicist, member of the board of the Belgorod organization of the Writers' Union of Russia Valery Cherkesov.

As explained during the presentation of the collection Stanislav Minakov, it was not just a presentation, but a powerful discussion humanitarian action: "Natalya differs into national rhythm from all writers in many ways. Sometimes she was cocky and we, the editors, found it difficult to deal with such matter both as readers and as people making comments. "



On the day of the presentation, the support university gathered a large number of friends and admirers of Natalia Podluzhnaya. With words of gratitude, congratulations and parting words to the author, editors, guests, colleagues, members of the Writers' Union addressed: Nikolay Grishchenko, Oleg Tarasov and many others. Tatyana Cherkesova - poetess, candidate of philosophical sciences of BelSU noted unpredictable parallels in the book, pronounced style of the author. Tatyana Matyushkina noted the non-template metaphors used by the author.

Natalia Podluzhnaya expressed her gratitude to all those present, as well as the university's management and the staff of the museum and exhibition complex for the opportunity to present their work, and presented the fans with gift copies of a new book with an autograph.

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