Cars which were designed and manufactured by students, presented at the university

Engineering and racing team «Shukhov Racing Team» of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov presented the first off-road car «buggy» - «Technolog-1», as well as the fourth racing car of Formula SAE class «SHARK». First vice-rector, Professor Nikolay Shapovalov opened a press conference organized at the Technological University for media representatives.

The team members told about the goals and objectives of the project, disclosed some of the engineering secrets of their cars. Supervisor of the «SHUKHOV RACING TEAM» Artem Korneev and team coordinator Anton Dikevich shared new technical improvements, which provided the presented vehicles. Improved suspension, which will reduce the turning radius and gives the opportunity for better taxiing is their particular pride. The new racing car "SHARK" develops speed up to 135 km / h. and «Technolog-1» car maximally develops speed up to 45 km / h. But the main indicator for «buggy» is all-terrain travel capability. Therefore, guys paid the main attention to the suspension while designing.


Now the team is preparing for two competitions. So, very soon the 4th racing car will take part in competitions in Italy (Formula SAE Italy & Formula Electric Italy-2018) and Hungary (Formula Student EAST-2018), where they will defend the honor of Russia among the teams from Tyumen, Togliatti and Yekaterinburg. And the first off-road sports car «Technolog-1» of the engineering and racing team «SRT Baja» will take part in the Russian stage of the project «Baja SAE» in September.


For reference: the engineering and racing team «SHUKHOV RACING TEAM» was established by students of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov on September 25, 2014. Much has been achieved during this time. The team is a participant of the international project «Formula Student». They are the creators of four racing cars of «Formula» type «Formula Student» class, as well as the organizers of motor sport events in Belgorod.


Today there are 10 people in the engineering and racing team. But the guys are actively recruiting new participants: designers, engineers, economists, PR managers, representatives of different specializations and majors.

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